What is wrong with plant?

Something has come up on my gg4 plant . Is it nutrient burn? I can’t tell. It seems like nutrient burn and it came up after a feeding but I’m concerned something else is wrong. What are those red dots? I only fed her 1200 ppm general hydroponic flora series, cal mag and, silica.

I flushed her with 1.5 gallons of Ph’D water in case it’s nutrient burn. The gg4 is very finicky and burns east so far I noticed, but these red dots have me thinking it’s something else . Appreciate anyones input.

Looks to me to be a deficiency rather than a burn.

Try to fill this out - it’ll help us help you help her. :v:

[quote=“MidwestGuy, post:20, topic:74818”]
• What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed
ILGM Gorilla GLue #4

• Method: soil

Soil- Fox farm ocean forest

• Vessels: 7 gallon grow bag

• PH 6.2 runoff tested
feed general hydro trio, calmag, floralicous plus, silica,

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

• Indoor

• Light system 300 watt mars hydro

• Temps; Day 78Night68

• Humidity; Day, Night around 50 -55%

• Ventilation system; Yes, inline fan with carbon filter and inline duct fan coming from ac

• AC,yes

• Co2; Yes, exhale grow bag

the list with the pics is very helpful however a-lot of the deficiencies look similar to me so im hoping someone with more experience can help me identify the problem so i can get this girl happy and blooming.

Looks a lot like potassium deficiency. In flowering stage, cannabis needs more P+K and less N. At 5 weeks in flower, if you are not increasing phosphorous and potassium that could be it.

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