What is wrong with my plants? Need




strain is heavy bud have 3 weeks
batmix soil
600w hps 18/6
Watering every 4/5 days with 0.8/1 ec level water mix with alga grow and Hesi tnt grow
Ph is between 6.4 and 6.8


Found it!. I know nothing about those particular nutrients or that soil, but people on here probably will. I try to keep my pH between 6.4 and 6.5 (in soil). I don’t use the HPS lights either, so my ‘experience’ will not help much.

I think @ILGM.Support.Zoe or one of her friends can hook you up with the right pro


This is my blue dream (they are all feminized) 3 weeks


They look pretty good overall. The drooping and slightly yellowing is most likely from overwatering. Try letting them dry out slightly more than you have been before watering again. Take the fabric pot out of the other. The air getting to the sides of the fabric pot will help dry them up better, and help the roots get more oxygen.


I’m really trying to find out what u think is wrong. Pics look normal and healthy to me.

The light green u see on top is new growth and looks like she might start to flower soon


Lol right? They look really good to me.


I think it’s 2 (or more) plants. The top set looks a little worse than the others. All look good.


I have many more to you see


This have one month


I agree. I see a little bit of yellowing but nothing to be concerned about here if you ask me


Yep. In the second and third pics. But she’s going to lose those leaves pretty soon on her own anyway, no?


You have some beautiful plants, some healthier than others. It might help if you post a picture of the plant that worries you. And if you only post one pic at a time, we can zoom in and see it better.


She’s looking very good, just don’t overfeed her.