What is wrong with my plants in South Florida

What is wrong with my plants…I am in South Florida and my plants are a month old and not taller than 3 inches:

Strain, type: Blueberry

Medium (soil, hydroponic, etc.): Soil - picture of soil it is potted in

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir: NA

Strength of nutrient mix, EC, or TDS: NA

Indoor or outdoor: Outdoor

Light system, size: Sunny

Temps day, night: 80 day / 60 night

Humidity day, night: Medium to heavy daytime/ little at night

Ventilation system (yes/no, size): breezy outside

AC, humidifier, de-humidifier: NA

Co2 (yes/no): NA


High @klwinfla let me send an sos to our Florida Friend. Welcome to the best place to be for all stages of growers! @FloridaSon Good luck!


That honestly looks like a terrible soil. It has way to many sticks and bark, your soil should be fine and a rich dark color. I dont know if that’s 100% your problem, but I can tell you it’s not going to do you any favors and may provide you trouble in the near future. I recomend finding a different soil and transplanting immediately to see if that clears up the problem.


Would you recommend miracle grow potting soil - has no sticks - what about the sun, too much?

Miracle gro potting soil can work, it just has slow releasing nutrient balls in it that, if not used properly, can be negative on your plant. But it would be better than this stuff. You just have to be careful and make sure not to overwater them. I can’t see them getting to much sun. If you say a month old and only 3 inches tall, outside. Something is really wrong with atm.

Just my opinion but MG is the last soil I would use on MJ. Creates a harsh smoke. There’s a soil U can get most places that’s inexpensive it’s called black and gold. It’s pretty good for its cost

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Get you a bag of pro mix. I believe you can get it for under $20. Or just dig up some dirt from your back yard, anything is better than what you have it in now. Also miracle grow has a seedling soil, you can use that


First off, welcome to the forum.

I’d also like to invite @Budbrother here for more experience and another new Florida grower here is @Rick3 . I know there are a few more of us now, but their names elude me right now. One is a swamp grower near to you. Really wish I could remember his name.

I agree about the soil you have. Some decent soil from your yard will be better. You can supply the nutrients, so the sandy dirt won’t be too much of an issue.

Location will mostly be determined by strain choices.

I’ll get back to you later, since I’m grilling right now. Chicken’s almost done.

Again, welcome home…


@S.FloridaSwampman is the one near to you.


Give it a good feed of nitrogen man and bigger pot

I like foxfram and miracle grow and mix the two work good for me

Hello and welcome. I do not recommend using Miracle Grow for growing Autos; however, I have used it for photos outdoors. I’ve used the Miracle Grow Moisture Control. I added in peat moss and perlite as well as other amendment.

@klwinfla Welcome Bud
I’m New to growing I’m More North I think LOL
I Have a few growing here, some Auto’s and regular one’s Have Tent and outside going
I Been listening to @Budbrother @FloridaSon @raustin and any one else, A Lot of experience Here, I’ll Tag you in my Grow thread

Sorry it took so long to get back…life.

Unless you are close to the beaches or marshes, your native dirt will work. I’ve also had pretty decent results with Miracle Grow in the past, but the harvests taste much better since switching to a different line of soil and nutrients.

I’ve been boycotting them since I learned about their stance on marijuana. I won’t trust them with my girls anymore or spend my money on any of their products. Sucks, because it was great for the other plants too.

Browse through subjects here that interest you using the search icon above. There is an abundance of good info and thoughts throughout this place.

You still here?..

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Do you mean Miracle grow?

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Yes. They are anti marijuana and lobby against it becoming legal. Not to mention their ties to Monsanto.

They have permanently broken my trust. No more of my money and I will discourage everyone I speak with from their products.

I don’t knock people for using their stuff. I had great results for the most part, but I won’t use them now.


Agreed, something is wrong. I have never had any issues with growing plants before this, the medium I had them in before is what my tomato plants are planted in and they are almost 5’ tall. I’m wondering if it is the strain or maybe the seeds themselves?

Hello FloridaSon, I am technology moronic, and I didn’t see the email about growing in S. Florida. Feel free to ask me anything at anytime because the weather & bugs can drive one crazy. I am rained oit pf working today, so I am going to read what you have written in the past. I will help in any way I can. I didn’t receive the message till a few minutes ago when I was taking a few pics of Blackberry Kush.

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I sent the wrong messge, so forgive my lack of technology comprehension. This is to go to the person who opened the discussion kliwnafla, or something like that. If you live in S.Florida, then you know what black muck is. Logistically, I am referring to south of Lake Okeechobee, or the freeze line in Florida. You need to sprinkle it arou nd the trunks of your plants ASAP. This will turn up the N, and your plants will take off. Be careful because too much Muck will kill your plants, so apply a .25 inch thick layer around eack plant. After they turn a little more green, and grow some, then transplant to a better medium. It is an Auto you are growing, but I do this with alk my plants jn pots during this time of year. Get a new pot ready for transplant when the time comes, a d starting at the bottom put 1/2 inch of lime rock. This will help save you from root rot when it rains for over a week, and the humidity is 100% in June - Mid October. I compost, so I can’t give you a recommendation. I have read foxfarms soils, yet please don’t hold me to this. Fill soil of choosi g woth transplant. The rain is going to deplete the nutrients quickly unless you can take your pots out when rain is coming for prolonged periods of time. I would send you my email, but I don’t know how to do it where only you get it. Talk to a representative, and i am willing to help you beat all the variables that will discourage you except Hurricanes. You have that beat already because they are in pots. If a Tropical Storm, Tropical Wave, or Hurricane comes all you do is bring it inside, then hope your dwelling doesn’t blow away. Ask anything and I will help.


Thank you for your message. I appreciate it. I did figure out what my issue was, it was too much nitrogen in my soil. I re-potted in a potting soil with a little fertilizer to even it out and they are responding. But I will keep you in mind if I come across any other issues. Thank you again for your response.