What is wrong with my buds

I am not sure what the problem is. My temp has been 80 and RH 62 i have heavy buds on top but nothing at the bottom. I switched from Fox Farm to Jacks. My ppm was 913 when last checked

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BTW, i do have this plant in a tent. This one is from a clone that i took at the first sign of flowering

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I would guess from the stretched look of the plant, the lights were too far away for most of the grow. Buds closest to the lights are good but further away they are small is the result.


They are far, I didn’t plan for this indoor growth so I didn’t know how to get light to the bottom

Need more information but it appears the your light is inadequate but the stretch

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Woke up this morning and found my rh in tent was 82 and temperature 72. Is this a humidity issue.

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Looks kinda like nute burn

Doesnt look like humidity issue. With humidity you will get droop snd bud rot

no fertilizer in almost a week. plus just found out that i was giving to little of the jack321.

Hmm…need to research on this. Do you Ph your water/nute solution? Ph issues can look like that as well

my ph was a little high from last watering when i used it from shower. Different Ph when using tap water in the kitchen