What is wrong with Mary and Jane?

I’m about half way through my second grow and Mary and Jane don’t look happy. They are both auto flower. Chocolope and White Widow.
Happy Frog soil
Advanced Nutrients micro, grow and bloom nutes, as well as Voodoo Juice, Big Bud and B-52. Using distilled water.
I have two Spider Farmer 1000 lights about 18 inches above them. RH ranges from 20-40%. Temps range from 60-75F.

Plants are both droopy with clawed leaves. Watered about 4 days ago with 2 ml per liter each of M/G/B, Voodoo and B-52. The next day the drooping started. I do the weight test for watering, letting the soil dry between, so I know it’s not overwatered. Research makes me think it’s Nitrogen toxicity, so yesterday morning I flushed each with a gallon of plain distilled water, but this morning they don’t look any better.
This is my first go with autoflower.

If you suspect toxicity and perform a flush, you would be well served to monitor that runoff TDS and PH both to understand better what is happening in the root zone of your plants. Personally I would not be supplementing until the plants told me it was time (deficiency starting). More than likely the salt level is very high and one gallon of distilled ain’t gonna do it. Flush until TDS falls below 2,000 ppm in soil.


I see N tox along with either over / under watering mixed in

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While I am still learning, I think you would need much more water to get all the built up salts out of the medium. IF you have 2 gal pots, you should run something like 4-6 gal of water through. I am not sure on the numbers, but it is twice or three times the pot size.

You should take readings after each flush attempt in order to get a reading of what amount of slats are in the soil. When you get it to about tap water readings, you should feed with the appropriate nutes and appropriate ppm.

Again, this is what I have learned and am not 100% certain. Let’s see who else can give some suggestions.

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Good to know about needing more water to do a flush. First time I needed to do one. My first grow finished way better than I ever expected and may have made me overconfident.

My first also being photo plant, I’m on a bit of an autoflower learning curve.

The WW grew tall and lanky while the Choco just bushed out. I figured it was just the strains. I tried a little LST, but I’m pretty unhappy with the results. I topped my last grow, but was afraid to on these after all I’ve read about autoflowers being more delicate.

I’m gonna do a correct flush now and check the TDS as you all have suggested. Thanks for the advice and guidance. I’ll check back later and give y’all an update.


Tag me in whenever you have questions. We’ve got a good group here that just wants to see your bud porn haha.


Look good 2x is “flush” but I have never done a 2x flush seems excessive to me and I never had a problem with build up

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Ok, I flushed until the TDS was around 500 for both. It started off at about 1500 for both. Both look much better now. On the next watering I’ll ease up on all the nutes and see how they like it. Thanks again to everyone for the advice.

What’s wrong now?
I cut back on the nutes to half recommended dose, but Mary, here doesn’t look happy. She’s bright green and the new leaves are looking real thin.

The brown spots on the leaves are the result of Nitro toxicity. Maybe I’m over reacting, but growth has slowed this week and I’m a little concerned. Maybe cal-mag? And if so, full dose or half?

See above @Myfriendis410

These auto flowers are finicky things.

In the first few pics I thought maybe the ‘claw’ leaves were due to too much wind. Also, doubt it matters but I too have a spiderfarm 1000 lights and the manual says to leave them 24" above the canopy until flower.

Looks like P and cal mag to me.

@Covertgrower @MattyBear your thoughts?

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That’s what it looks like to me too. Could be caused by ph lockout or not enough nutrients for the stage of flower

I’d say your light on calcium and magnesium with leaves yellowing and the brown spots at same time…calcium usually brown spots and yellow is a magnesium symptom…when there both present I’d guess you dont use much if any added calmag… at begining of flower during and at end if strech plants demand alot of calcium magnesium nitrogen and iron after strech…nitrogen is reduced and calcium and magnesium stays moderate(minimum) to high strength untill week 6 when cal mag supplements are generally discontinued :sunglasses::v:

Here we go again. The Three Stooges, as I’ve begun to affectionately begun calling them, are giving me problems again. After my original post I hit them with a full dose of cal-mag and dropped the nutes to 1/4 recommended dose. They both looked better for a couple of weeks.

Jane (8 weeks flower this Thursday), the white widow on the left started a bunch of new bud sites, as the old colas were nearing harvest. Now her leaves are starting to yellow a bit on the new growth. I think another week and I’ll harvest the older buds.

Mary (5 weeks into flower), the Chocolope on the right is turning yellow all over. Leaves near the bottom are drying up and falling off. She has always been on the lighter shade of green. Last week almost lime green. I thought the brown spots on the newer leaves were leftover from the Nitro tox, but now I’m not sure. Research makes me think extreme nitrogen deficiency, as well as basically a deficiency of all nutes. Or that it’s root bound. I have them in 3 gallon pots. When I stick in my moisture meter, I have a hard time finding a spot where I can go very deep as I believe I am hitting thick roots. Can I/should I move her to a 5 gallon pot, or just try and get the nutes/ph back under control?

The third stooge, Jimmy, is the little sprout. Today is 3 weeks above ground. It’s just starting to (maybe) put on some real leaves? I see some really small bumps forming between the cotyledons. It’s a freebie seed that was slow to sprout. I figure I’ll just care for it until it either dies or grows.

What should I do for each?

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Jane - too late to do anything, ride it out and harvest when ready

Mary - kinda late for a transplant, I’d give her a good flush to reset soil ph and give her a good feeding.

Jimmy - Not much going on for 3 weeks, I would ditch it but if you got the space and patience then you could see if it ever gets going.

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Mmm…Not a pro by any means but to my understanding harvesting a portion of a plant isn’t the best, no?

Is she getting nutes? Only thing I can think of that would cause damage already.

To go in at 1/4 strength…that’s just for the re introduction after the flush you should he upping from the 1/4 to just about full strength slow the food around week 7

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