What is wrong with it

What is cause of yellowing of that leaf? And what should I do to stop it?

AUTO BLUEBERRY;Indica x Sativa x Ruderalis,

Planted in soil,

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? (NA)

What is strength of nutrient mix? (NA),


Light system (14 hours of direct sunlight)

Temps; Day (30°C), Night(22°C),

Humidity (NA)

Ventilation system; It is outside

AC (No), Humidifier (No), De-humidifier (No),

Co2; No

That’s just a feeder leaf. They both yellow and fall off after a couple weeks. If your soil doesn’t have nutes in it, I’d start feeding soon


Man that is the weirdest looking arrangement of leaves on a seedling I have ever seen. The yellowing leaf is a cotyledon and supplies the seedling with nutrients in the first vital days. They will yellow and fall off as their nutrient reserves are depleted. Nothing to worry about. I have sprouted a lot of seeds over my 35 years of growing and have never seen something like that. Could be a special plant , make sure you take a cutting before it flowers.


Same here @mountainman1…been growing a long time and that’s a strange one for sure


Strange isnt it? I thought I had seen most mutations and genetic misfires over the years , but thats a new 1 for sure


Agreed @mountainman1 I have seen weird but that is def different and the feeders are nothing to worry about they will do that when the ladies deside they are done with them