What is wrong here?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m new to growing and I have 2 plants growing outside in 3 gallon containers that I grew from seeds that I planted in early June. They are starting to flower. Some older leaves are turning brown and some are turning yellow. It has been hot as blazes here and they get full sun for about 8 hours per day

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It might be from the heat, or actually sun scald. Is it getting cooler in your area now?

Heat stress has been the given answer I keep seeing for leaf curl (upwards). I seriously doubt that it should be used as a blanket response. I have a serious problem that seems to be a new disorder with outdoor cannabis grows, as I have been hearing of others with this, yet unidentified, problem. I know it is not heat stress. Last year was the first time in 20 years of outdoor growing that I noticed this phenomenon, the leaves curl upwards and all of the vegetative matter turns silver colored. Also this year it is especially bad, and now most of my garden is being affected, even the 12 footers are now showing this effect. It seems to be selective (to breed?) as some plants are only slightly affected while others are server. Even portions of some plants are healthy while some branches show this abnormality. I noticed that the tips of the leaves on the most unhealthy plants look to have a reddish, or brownish build-up, almost like a powder when viewed up close and it does wipe off when rubbed. I viewed this (powder) with high powered googles and actually saw movement. Now I have used these googles to view and see quite well Spider Mites, yet these (?) were so small that I think the only way to really see what this is would require a high power microscope. Does anyone know of such thing as Micro Mites???
I am not very computer savvy so I am not sure how to upload pictures although I am going to attempt it. I have a very nice camera and have loaded the images into my computer. Maybe someone can explain in laymen terms how do do this. I am desperate as my crop is being decimated. There; seems I was able to figure it out. As you can see there is good growth next to sick growth, even good bud on top of sick buds. Anyone know what this is and how to combat it???

I’m in Southern California. And I am also having the same issue. So I provide a little more shade. And it has seemed to stop with them brown spotting.

Well Tops,

You posted an picture with little other background info, and asked, “what is wrong with my plant”. So; I made an educated guess. Kind of like giving you a haircut over the phone, LOL.

I see someone else in your area thinks it has to do with the heat. hmmm

I am legally blind, but it looks like mites in the lower piks… And the weird nature of your leaves, look like the beginning of a nasty infestation. If it is actually powdery; There may be a fungus issue.

Look up Mosaic virus, and look at the pictures of that. My memory may be off, but I seem to remember simil;ar images when looking at images of tobacco mosaic virus. Or, similar strain.

Hope you like the haircut. :slight_smile:

From the pictures I looked up it does not look like mosaic virus it the last picture does look like mites. TOPS You can get a Nice cheap one at Amazon. It’s only 3 bucks. http://www.amazon.com/Illuminated-Jewelers-Loupe-40x-25mm-Lighting/dp/B007GJJRZC/ref=pd_sim_229_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1NDTX8S5SC80JRFFSP1Y
They have others but you need about 40 power. Mines 30 and 60 power the 30 is ok but like I said 40 is nicer. I sure like reading all these problems, it help me with my own grow. MAC you and LATEWOOD sure are great a with all of your guys knowledg.