What is wrong here? My leaves keep yellowing and dying

Hi, I am new here, but my plant is a medical marijuana bought plant.
I think it is a sativa species.
It is growing in a plastic green house, with vents at the bottom which are all open now in the this hot summer in California.
So temps can get into the 90-100’s easily. I water my plant (baby) every morning and evening.
Lately though because she is starting to show pistils I have slowed down.
I have been fighting off spider mites which infested her badly…I forgot about those pests.
So I used peppermint oil and garlic oil, and dish washing liquid in mister bottle. That took out 1/2 of them easily, then I heard about chopping habaneros finely and simmer them and put pepper oil in a mister with a pint of water and spray that…That finished the them off but burned my skin, but I then I waited 4days as we ordered Azamax( I think it is called) and I applied that very much the other day, I don’t see any activity then I will wait 2-3 days and do it again every 2-3 days for 2 weeks.
Anyway the leaves continue to yellow and die. Some have strange patterns in them.
I thought it was a nute deficiency and use Miracle grow and fish emulsion, but leaves continue dying…The next thing we are doing is check ph, we ordered a ph kit. it will be here 3-4 days, but what should I do to help her until then? Epsom salts?, flush? I am sick watching her in agony. I have her growing in a 20gallon pot, with straw in the bottom and 4 holes at base for drainage. She drains fine.

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Hello @kelliehu,

And Welcome to ILGM , you will find everyone heterheter more than willing tohrlp and friendly and funny at times. Also visit the members lounge we take about everything but growing its where we can get to know each other .

Anywasy back to you problem.

Nitrogen Deficiency. ( Here is a pic of this deficiency )

Solution to fixing a Nitrogen deficiency

Avoid excessive ammonium nitrogen, which can interfere with other nutrients. Too much N delays flowering. Plants should be allowed to become N-deficient late in flowering for best flavor.
A goof solid N-P-K ratio will fix any nitrogen deficiency. Any chemical or organic fertilizers that have Nitrogen in them will fix a nitrogen deficiency., Peters all purpose plant food 20-20-20 is good, Miracle grow All purpose plant food, Miracle grow Tomato plant food, (Only mixing at ½ strength when using chemical nutrients, or it will cause nutrient burn!) as well and blood meal! If you need to give your plants a quick solution to nitrogen and you want to use blood meal, I suggest making it into a tea for faster use, where blood meal is slow acting, but when made into a tea it works quicker! Other sources of nitrogen are dried blood, Cotton seed meal which is slow acting, Insect eating bat guano which is fast acting. Bone meal which is a gradual absorption when not made into a tea.( also excellent source of phosphorus). Fish Meal Or Fish Emulsion is a good source of nitrogen and is medium acting. Worm castings, which is gradual absorption. Seabird guano, All purpose Millennia Seabird guano, Orginal Seabird guano All Purpose, Crabshell ,which is slow absorption. Fox Farm Grow

Big, which is fast acting. ( can bring down your ph as well)
Here are a list of things that help fix a Nitrogen Deficiency:

I hope this help’s

Thanks, but I already used miracle grow and fish emulsion for the nitrogen, plus the soil is manure and super soil mix…
It grew like I said great for 3 months being really happy until I noticed the spots on the leaves and looked closer and saw mites, which are gone now, but will follow up again in a week. The leaves continue to yellow and shrivel and die…But the top leaves and new growth looks fine.
As I stated before the plant is now starting to put out pistils as it enters in to its bloom stage. So maybe it is a natural effect, but wow why so many leaves dying?

The plant is still yellowing leaves, but as I looked closer I realized all the top leaves are beautiful green and healthy. I assume it is the buds are developing faster and the process of elimination of what is not needed is accelerating. Anyway the trichones are developing and I ordered a small pocket microscope so I can watch the trichones closely until they all amber, Right now they are clear but some pistils tips are turning orange now. So I know it is close, probably another week or two…

Id love to see a pic if possible?

Why? The leaves are yellowing because it is a normal thing, I used to grow years and years ago, and didn’t remember any leaves yellowing and dying then, but the strains are so different now.
So if you want to see a picture just look at the old one up above of the tall plant. It is still the same height and leaves still turning, but only from the bottom to the last 10" at the top. The buds are getting big now and weighty I had to tie branches up to help them so they didn’t break.

I simply wanted to see the plant now, but ok? Good luck :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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And I can tell you that yellowing leaves at the beginning of flowering IS NOT normal. You posted a thread looking for help, and when I offer it you turn me down? Strange. But your choice. Again, good luck. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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I am sorry if you got your feelings hurt. I just didn’t want t ogo outside and take a picture and edit it, and then send it to my computer and then edit it again and then upload it here…A lot to just show it. It looks nice and your other point: I read on this site, I don’t remember where but it was said that when a plant enters into blooming it is common for it to lose leaves. Ok I appreciate your wanting to help. I already got my answer…The plant is fine, the buds are getting fuller and smelling great…Yes a few fan leaves are dying off, it was told me HERE that it is normal…So who am I gonna believe?
One of the admins said this to another person who was experiencing the same problem I was:
“From what I can see; You are right on track. As plants mature they
used stored nutrients and this yellows leaves and is a sign that you are
entering the finishing phase of flowering. Let this take a natural
course, and watch your trichomes in order to determine when to harvest”.
This is what I was talking about and you argue with me…again thanks for your offering to help. I think the admins here know what they are talking about…

i dont think ktreez wanted to argue with you, he, aswell as a lot of other people would love to see the progress of your plant, judging on your last photo over a month ago, your plant should be a spectacle to the eyes. :heart_eyes:

also you dont always have to take admins advice as gospel, just remember that 99% of the members on this forum are also growers and ktreez happens to be one of the experts :wink:



Finishing. Not beginning. Just saying.

And yo @Bushgrower, mad respect for the shout out dude, I really appreciate that man! You know me, good vibes and love! You deserve a smoke up :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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Thank you, I just didn’t like the attitude. I got. I will try to get out and take a picture in a couple days…

This is my baby, as you can see she is coming along fine…The fan leaves are being used for the sugar so some slowly yellow and die…But the buds and leaves at top are healthy and green…!

I am sorry if I was not so patient with some here…Thanks for trying to help me. I guess it must have been that time of the month…Ugh! Anyway enjoy!


Oh hell yea, they look great! Good job!! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

She was harvested this day I took pictures…Here are some of her before hanging her up…