What is this white cotton?

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi I have some autoflowering white widow I got from you. This is my first time and I am close to harvest. I noticed that a white cotton is around some of the plant. Is this normal? Hope the pics are good enough…

This looks to me like a spider mite infestation. The mites themselves are rarely visible by the naked eye and typically you don’t know about them until they have accumulated a lot of webbing, like in your picture. To put simply, they are a real pain in the ass. They multiply quickly and do serious damage to the crop. You need to wash the webs off and use a pesticide to repel/kill the spider mites. Diatomaceous earth might be your best bet, but I am going to “tag” an expert so you can get a more informed response. It may take a day or two to get back to you and you will want to resolve this asap. You should research spider mites and find a solution that suits you, and remedy this today if possible. @latewood

Check this blog article out:

And here is a link for DE:

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From what I have checked out this stuff is pretty dam good.


B Safe

Yup. Spider mites alright. Bad infestation too. It is really too late to save this plant. You really do not want to smoke those mites, or their webbing.