What is this? They aren't moving and they appeared all of a sudden just on Sam leaves

Four weeks in the flower, and all of a sudden these appear. Is it OK To use neem oil a month into bUD?

Not advised. Suggest Capt. Jack’s Deadbug, which is safe to use in flowering.


No you don’t want to use neem oil on them during flower


I was told you can use mammoth canncontrol during flower. Any truth? @MidwestGuy @Reed71

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I’m not familiar with the Mammoth product. Someone like @Myfriendis410 would probably know.

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From the looks of ingredients it seems to be a neem type product. Which means it smothers the insects with oils.

Reviews seem legit. It works in most cases. Many say it has a strong smell which would be the thyme oil. I have reservations about oil based products in flower stages. What smothers bugs will also smother plant cells. Plus I wouldn’t want thyme oil in my smoke. Capnt Jacks is a bacteria based product so it has a short afterlife. Plus it would wash off with a simple bud wash. Oils require a soap to remove. Just my two cents.


Your two cents is appreciated and welcomed. I havent used it but was given 5 sample bottles.


Lots of commenters said they only use during veg due to the smell and it worked well.
Nothing hazardous about using in flower. Just a bit off-putting for some.

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Will use during veg only. thank you.


It was free so might as well use it when and where I can! lol

I’ve never tried before either but i have capt. jacks it works great as @Spiney_norman was saying you want try to avoid oil product’s if possible during flower

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Just wondering …how bad and how many leaves are effected? May be you can cut off the bad fans on most?

Infestation is not on many leaves but the ones that have it are pretty loaded I went with dead bug as I have about five weeks left and will wash everything. first thing I wash of lemon oil and water, baking soda and water and then a rinse. They came out of nowhere and it happened almost overnight. It looks like there’s some kind of a larva inside some of the leaves also. I appreciate your interest in help