What is this single "sack" I'm seeing?

That sounds great @PurpNGold74. Like more people should do it. Why leave the risk open? How does it work out if you’re top watering? Need to reapply after each watering to maintain a light dusting on the entire surface?

Not every watering. If you do itll build up. Once a week or so. Heck once every 2 weeks~ works. U can see it begin to wash away.

When its wet it looks HORRIBLE.

Hello @PurpNGold74 @Cannabian @MrPeat I’m now at 11 weeks of veg. Think everything is under control for pests and such and the girls are growing nicely again. Overtime in vegging so they’ve gotten a lite dose of Happy Frog. In retrospect my pruning probably took off too much low leaf too soon. Just did final LSTing and trimming to get the canopy evened out ready for a scrog net. The frame is almost done. PVC with screws to tie a net with string. I’m think I’ll hang it from the top tent frame with pulleys so I can install and lower as I first weave the girls in. Four of the current 6 plants will stay inside for the flowering. 2 join the others outside. Here’s what the the 6 look like.

Let them rest a week then I’ll go to 12/12. Few days later I plan to up the LED lights to about 80% (from 50%). Then 100% last few days before harvest. Those levels of light suggested by the manufacturer who is HyGrow.
So what have I forgotten, overlooked or unaware of?. :woozy_face:


Sounds like a great plan. Girls look happy. Yup recover and flip’m :ok_hand:t5::+1:t5:

Well here’s how the girls looked on 8/11 just after being introduced to a Scrog.

Meant to get an update before they went to bed tonight, but since flipping lights that’s now early evening and I missed it.
Outdoors, two of my potted plants started this today

Hope this is what “real men” look like. I chopped them.
Since all other previous sex signs were pre-flower, I think this indicates that our sunlight has now moved these photo seed plants into flowering… right? :roll_eyes:
BTW if these full plants are left hung to dry in my garage, will the pollen sacs continue to mature by sucking the life out of the plant? And possibly still be a pollen risk? I plan on watching closely.

Today I am ready to commit to feminized seeds for my second grow. Outdoors I chopped two males 2 days ago. 6 left… so far. Today, 7 days after flipping lights, while tending the tent/SCROG I discovered one of my “girls” must have had a sudden burst of testosterone = instant pollen sacs. Of course the best shaped one in the tent.
Glad I had 4 in process in there. Now there are three.

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Looking good. Bad luck on the guys. Good u got rid of them though. :beers: to a smooth flowering

Thanks. It’s been quite a learning experience. :crazy_face:
Kinda looking forward to my second try with fewer startup mistakes. But certainly not giving up on these girls. You always remember your first… :star_struck: