What is this? Seed pod?

i was checking on her tonight and i found this… im pretty sure that she is a she. But this looks like a seed pod… im no expert so i thought to ask

Not a seed pod, male flower, when it opens it will release pollen. Each grain of pollen will land one a single hair and make a seed.

You need to remove and search for more.


I agree, and it looks to have started to open already. Get on it! Also check your timers and grow space for light leaks. I see pistils, too, so there was stress from somewhere. Good luck! Hopefully just a fluke. What strain? Photoperiod or autoflowering? From seed or clone, and from where?


Its Head Band, it started as seed . Its now in a 5 gallon pot, with ocean fox farm. Ive been feeding it with big bloom fox farm . Ill check the tent for light leaks . And definitely check for more thanks for the response.

Well i think i found a few more . I pulled them off. I hope it didn’t get to the buds.

Worst case, seeds for another grow.

Also check anything plugged in that you’re using inside the tent. A glowing led on a power strip can set off weak genetics.


:point_up: that too! :+1:

my plants are small enough I bring them out ad inspect them regularly in flower, I have found a couple male like this, but this plant only threw one??? Keep an eye on her.

Thanks guys , i did a check for more and i think i got them . But another question does she look good on on her way.

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She looks very healthy. Figure out what is stressing her and you should have a nice harvest.


I did find my timer off … i think the power went out sometime i wasn’t around and i lost a few hours. So it was dark with the lights on and light outside when they were off. I tryed to keep it close to daylight on nighttime off. Oh well . Thanks for the help