What is this? Pest?

I need help from the masses of experts. I am 7.5 weeks into flowering a pre-98 bubba kush. These little brown spots started showing up a few days ago that look like sap spots, but under my loop look like a pest. I am worried because I am sooo close to the end. Please help, what am I looking at?!?

Have you tried picking one up with a pair of tweezers? It does look like a insect infestation. See if it’s sticky or not.

Looks like larvae … Definitly try to grab with tweezers.

Looks like they are soft scale insects. Never heard of them until today. I was looking up thrips and came across a picture on a soft scale incest.


@shindig153, that is it!! They seem to be isolated to one plant. Are they harmful? What do I do? I have this bug killer, maybe spray some on a paper towel and wipe leaves? Or chop the leaves that I see them on? Or harvest this one? I’m sorry for all of the questions, this is my first grow and this plant was given to me. I don’t want this to ruin the rest of my plants

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A video on how to get rid of them