What is this on the leaf

What is this on thist leaf I just this two leaf

@Covertgrower , @BobbyDigital
Any advice thanks you

To me, it looks like leaf was too close to light. I am beginner grower so unsure…

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@davacustic they re down leaf I don’t think is ligth burn

@davacustic I’m rookie to and I’m fighting with 3’5" sour diesel auto she is a monster I’m 100% sure is not light cuz this two leaf is from down

Leaf stem looks dark, nutrient issue?

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Really hard to tell from two single leaves. Need to see them on the plant. If it’s just 2, I’d assume it’s just natural selection and the plant has decided to take those leaves.

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Also looks like a bit of burn… but more plant would def help

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@BobbyDigital thanks I think so same is just two leaf the other are green

@davacustic maybe but can be genetic to ?

Thanks guys

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Nope. Doesnt look genetic tbh. More like Bobby said, natural selection, or possibly N toxicity. I say that cuz of the right most finger. Its a burned tip and crispy

@PurpNGold74 is about the purple stem

Purple stems is very common in healthy and happy plants.

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I think at this point I’ve had more plants with purple stems than without. One going right now is striped purple.


Ahhh the stem. Lol im with those fellas. Most my plants show purple stems. I thought you meant the discolored tips


I think about that to she look healthy just some purple stem