What is this on my leaves? Purple marks

Plants are 2 days from 4 weeks in bloom. What is this mark on my leaves? Its purple in color

That is a deficiency, could be manganese, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, nitrogen, take your pick. It’s what happens after they scream “I’M HUNGRY!!!”…


Yea lol…i didnt know if i had lock out or if i wasnt feeding enough…in the pics ive been feeding the smaller plant 600 to 750ppm with advanced connoisseur its about 2 1/2 ft…the taller plant is fed 800 to 900 same food and additives…i was afraid of over feeding the smaller plant…! The bigger plant seems fine…


The last pic is the bigger plant

For flowering plants, your ppm needs to be at least 1000 I think. But I grow with organic amendments so I’m not 100% sure. They just look hungry to me. @dbrn32 @WickedAle would probably know more.


I tend to agree with @Growyourown @Shatter Your should think about increasing your nutes . They look hungry as long a you don’t see tip burn or your runoff PPM’s over 1500 you should be ok. I like to target 1100.


I would agree your plant looks hungry.


Double check your pH run off, you could be locked out of something and it will show up like that, She may be hungry for something but can’t eat it, If run off is 6.5 then you are good, check for chlorine in water. She still has a long ways to go and would be good if you correct that, maybe fill out a ticket and more people will chime in and give you help. But from experience mostly when pH is off, too high mostly you will get lock out. You might be putting it in correctly but it is changing in the soil, run off will check that and if you have to lower your watering pH till you get runoff down to 6.5