What is this?!?! Mold? Normal?


This photo shows my pineapple expresss strain which has this weird stitching coming across the bottom of the leaves but only on the lower nodes of the plant. The top ones look different than this one shown. I showed this picture to the guy at the hydroponic store I go to and he told me its a mold and hooked me up with some horticultural oil to use on the plants. I sprayed them down from top to bottom and made sure I got under them too. It has been about 2/3 days and I have not noticed a change.

Hopefully you guys can help me out here before if its too late, if I should even be worried.
2 out of 4 of my plants have this but only on a couple of leaves out of the entire plant.

plants are in a grow tent of 4x4 in climate between 68-78 ℉
watered every other 2 days
in 5 gallon geopot for 1 week now
plants are about one month old
getting nutrients from buddha grow


What is your humidity?



high is 78
low id 60


Are you in flower or veg?


just entered veg one week in


Those temp and humidity levels should be fine… do you have a fan in the room moving air?
If so… I’m not sure that that’s mold … I’ve been at this for a really long time and never seen this before… :thinking:
I’m leaning towards a pest issue…
@Donaldj what’s your take on this… pics up above…



no fan right now because I didn’t know if it would stress the plants out too much because they had just been transplanted and fan is too strong for them, in my opinion. but I want to install it by next week at the latest.


You want the fan to blow indirectly… not at the plants … just moving air around the room …
I point mine at the ceiling…


oksy i will set this up today


Hey there @AlmightyHAM I completely agree with @peachfuzz your temperatures and humidity is fine when your ladies are in veg, but when you are in the flowering period 45% RH and lower to keep mold away :v:️.


I will be heading out to harvest the back table in a few min… alot of work ahead… :wink:

This pic was from a week and a half ago and I was about 20% amber at that time… and I need room anyways… timber…lol



Thks @Johnzy81 I forgot to mention that… no higher then 45% humidity in flower… :wink:



Awh man I wish I could come help you out @peachfuzz those plant’s look class big and fat enjoy my friend :v:️.


Awesome pic there my friend. You be smoking for weeks.


Lately I’ve been pulling 1 1/2 to 2 lbs from each table and I have 3 tables that run approximately 3 to 5 weeks apart … so table #1 which is in front should be ready in 3 to 5 weeks give or take…

It’s a second job basically… but I help alot of people that really need it…:wink:
This is basically the size of all buds…



@peachfuzz I am currently doing a grow journal on an Autoflower grow 5 plants I did have some trouble at the start could I tag you in and maybe you could please share your thoughts and experience with me on them if you can find time that is :v:️.




Sorry @AlmightyHAM I should off asked from my own journal mate :v:️.


its all good dude! were all here to bounce information off each other


Yes I apologize as well my fellow cultivater…:wink:
Tag me in @Johnzy81