What is this? Light Burn?

I had noticed a few days ago that my plants were not smelling as strong as before, this of course alarmed me. Purple tips on the sugar leaves. . Thought maybe it was just related to the strain. Later in the night, leaves curling upwards on one my Gorrila Cookies and a very rough texture to leaves on that plant. The one here pictured is a Bruce Banner and appears totally fine except for these two small specs of what looks like a couple drops of paint fell on them. The light distance was

Plant Effected: Bruce Banner, in flower, end of week 9
Soil: FF and Coco Coir
What’s changed: Dehumidifier added in tent to reduce humidity
Temp / Humidity at time of symptoms: 78 degrees / Humidity 35%
Nutes: Not much as of late, plants are small in 14 gallons pots with Ocean Forest & Coco Coir

This is a symptom of too much nitrogen. Do you know your pH and PPM runoff numbers? What soil are you using and what are your feeding habits?

The Thank you for your answer. Plants are in Ocean Forest and Coco Coir, these were really small in 14 gallon pots so I didn’t give much in the way of nutes, 2 weeks ago they received a small dose of Big Bloom, black molasses, and cal/mag. Other than that just regular waterings. I do not know the runoff, something I neglected because
I wasn’t really feeding. I recently added a dehumidifier and the lights are a little close according to manufacturer specs of 24 - 30" they were about 16" at time of onset.

If using FF nutrients, Big Bloom is fine but you should add Tiger Bloom since they are flowering. Once flowering, you need to cut back on Nitrogen.


TY Caligurl, I scoped these plants earlier and have about 10% amber and 90% cloudy. Close enough lol. Don’t wanna chance this any further and don’t think I have enough time to let them recover

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Well congratulations on your imminent harvest!

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Thank you, it’s been an experience, feel like a total rookie moving to LED from HPS. Everything is so different and learned a ton along the way. Can’t wait to do it again :laughing:

Amen to that! Growing is a wild time full of so much different stuff to learn and play with. :v:

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I was telling a Nephew that Is growing for the first time that you grow an odd attachment to these plants, kind of like a cat or dog lol. He is like 19, so He is part of a generation that knows absolutely nothing about gardening or knowing how to can or preserve. He is now growing tomatoes and everything else outdoors lol. It’s fun to watch Him get off the computer and learn all this.

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