What is this leaf have going on?

Not ph do fungus gnats do damage like that,

No they attacked the roots and the plant kind of looks sick overall

…I just do what Donald says and I highly recommend you consider it too

This is two votes for calcium magnesium supplementation Jack Straw from Wichita

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Not ph ok what are your numbers then? what ph do you water with when is the last time you checked your run off ph? how many weeks in flower are you. Only reason I suggested you check for bugs is to rule out mites it’s cal-mag if it’s not ph related and you are late in flower all you can do is reduce further damage since signs you see now took weeks to get to that point and leaves don’t recover more damage will start to show even after addressing issue but undamaged leaves can be fixed


Looks like calcium deficiency to me i could be wrong

Ph of all nutes and the h20 is 6.3-6.8 when the girls get fed they are in week 4 of flower

Although it does look like Calcium related issues, I would suggest filling out a full support ticket.


I would agree with @Aquaponic_Dumme @Paranorman It looks like spot on Calcium deficiency. If your PH temp and humidity are all within a good range then I would bring in some Cal

Thanks for taking time to check the pics out guys…I have already got some cal mag on the way and after reading the reviews on it I think that’s exactly what I need.


You got spider Mites my friend. Neem oil works very well too!!

ZBQ has an excellent thread on how to use neem oil without geting your plants to oily!! (site) :tup: Your Last resort is to use Avid.


I did say to rule that out first by doing a bug check with microscope

just because you water at a certain ph doesn’t mean your soil is same ph and yes rule out mites first


I just skimmed through and I’m wondering if we know exactly what type of medium @JackStraw is growing in?

Is it regular soil? Is a pH of 6.3-6.8 actually a good range for his plants to be in?

I’m not totally ruling out spider mites, but I don’t see any signs of webbing on the buds.

Also, if fungus gnats are in abundance, they don’t always cause an over all weak or droopy look and sometimes a little damage to the roots can cause a cal-mag nutrient deficiency look.

Just some other things to keep in mind,


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Fox farms ocean forest soil and fox farms nutrients and yes the nutrients say to range between 6.3-6.8. I thought it might be nutrient burn but it’s not spider mites I have 4 plants in the tent (1 straw kush, 1 widow, 2 bubblegum, all ILGM)only the widow is showing the signs on the leaves…and stop it with the spider mites that’s not the issue…

Where’s good ole Late with his thoughts on the matter? And MacG do you think a taotronic led bulb or a smaller bulb type led would veg 4 plants, and also could I flower with hps or would that screw the plants up? I need some knowledge on this led game, seems like I need to sell a kidney to get started the good LEDs are so expensive…

I never know where Latewood is, but then he doesn’t know where I am either, lol.

Looking at the growth of your canopy and the size and shape of the leaves, I don’t think you are lacking in light.

Keeping the soil too wet can be a huge contribution to a lot of fungus gnats, but even without the fungus gnats, over-watering in and of itself can cause cal/mag like deficiencies.

And the pH in the soil can be very different than the pH of the nutes/water you give it. As @Donaldj mentioned.



Thanks MacG I’m going to dry the girls out and nematode them babies I believe it is a bit of fungus gnats. Have you ever used CalMag supplement, I read it can make your leaves very healthy and you can use it from 2 weeks old thru flower?

Yes, I usually add a bit of a cal/mag supplement, but then I mostly do hydro and start with r/o zero ppm water.

Calcium and magnesium are often the most abundant minerals in tap water, and in the limescale you have to clean up after if you have hard water. So the need for it has various factors that can come into play. But adding a bit extra is almost always a good idea, and cannabis does seem to need a bit more than many other types of plants.


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Thanks for the knowledge MacG…wisdom is a wonderful thing. So do you agree the best discourse is to not water the girls for a few days and go from there?

It is always best to almost let the soil nearly totally dry out before watering again. Just as a regular practice. But not so dry the plant wilts. But the soil itself really can get nearly completely dry and your plant will not wilt right away. This is realy healthy for the roots and helps lots of oxygen get into the soil, and this is very needed. CO2 at the leaves, and oxygen at the roots.


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Jack I put two 9-inch high-velocity fans on the floor in a 5x5 flower tent and I keep one in veg tent and I haven’t seen a fungus gnat in months, not one on any yellow sticky card