What is this lady doing?

Hi guys,
Can anyone give me a clue as to what this plant is doing, is it in pre-flower?
Is it doing something else? Is she even a she? Lol

Many thanks in advance.

God, if there is one does not even know what ladies are doing, and you think that wisdom can be gleaned here?

Plant is budding, flower 1st week, IMO.

@Myfriendis410 doesn’t EVER get tagged, I’m sure he would love to weigh in.

Last pic, some brown stems or am I really high and paranoid?


Not too high EVER I see some brown too even in the bud sites. I am still hurting from that shade of poo


I didn’t want to use the 2 word phrase that starts with B bad ends with T, but the brown downtown…

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The plant has looked like this for a minimum 8 weeks now!
It has been painfully slow right from the word go, seems to grow a bit, do nothing for a bit. She is over 8 months old now.
I thought it had moved into flower but began doubting myself lol.

The brown downtown? Is a some kind of root rot? Is she doomed?

Sorry if my questions are dumb but this is my first attempt at growing.

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Last photo looks like the stem and some bud has rot, so not that downtown.

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Anything I can do about it?

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Is there any mushiness, powder mold? I’m looking at a photo, you are there! Touch it, put a magnifying glass on it. Could be nothing, need to investigate and diagnose.

Let us know what you find, if anything.

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8 months? There’s so much going on in the pic. Definitely a sativa or a palm tree hard to tell!! LoL…how tall is it & has it been showing flower(white pistols) a long time?


I shall go and have a thorough inspection.

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a very rare amnesia fern?


was gonna say i’ve never seen anything like it, but hey. i’m new, too!

if there’s any way to isolate the plant in photos would be helpful for all

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Lol yes there is a palm tree next to it.
Yes 8 months and 1 week to be precise.
Yes it has had white pistols for weeks now, 8 to 10 probably.
It is about 2.5 meters tall.

I shall try to take some better pictures right now.

is this a photo or auto? a photo not getting 12 hours of darkness?

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2.5 meters…I’m American, what is that 15’ …lol 7’ and those little flowers for 8 weeks of flowering just does not add up. Definetly looks like some kind of mildew or growth on bottom but peculiar its not anywhere else but bottom of stem! Wait a minute what’s that disease/bug that eats xylem inside out? Brown stem rot? It’s only on bottom half of trunk?

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Also what is this…is it in the plant or Palm tree?

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I have no idea lol I also noticed it but can’t find it now.

Ok, I can see no obvious signs of any kind of rot or mildew but I do get a few of these clusters of very small and thin droopy leaves. I have tried to picture one (picture 1) sorry it’s out of focus but I can’t see my screen because of glare.

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It is a photo and it currently is getting about 11 hours 40 minutes of darkness