What is this & is it ok to smoke?


Opened a curing jar to inspect and found this white stuff, need your help to identify what it is and to learn if I should throw it out or if its safe to smoke?

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Looks like mold to me, I wouldn’t ingest. Cut this out and discard.


Not ok to smoke. You said it’s in jars, so I imagine you’re in cure, but it’s mold. Remove and discard the effected buds. May want to let buds that don’t have sit out on a rack and dry a little more.


Yeah, that is cobweb mold. I wouldn’t smoke it.


Do you have any way of monitoring your humidity in the jars? Keep any eye out on the rest of the buds in that jar.


I had pouches for 62% humidity

Sorry mold will be in the whole jar, not good for you. You can always give it to someone you do not want around. Smoked enough moldy weed back in the day still here.


100% mold , Personally I would not smoke. In the future make sure buds Has less moisture when you jar up. The Miniature hydrometers is a good tool to use in the jars To monitor moisture level. Good luck moving forward

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I don’t disagree with the others above, but I would investigate the root cause so it doesn’t happen again.

A few thoughts. Mold spores are everywhere. Short of a vacuum sealed clean room, our drying space has them. So, we have to control the conditions they like to grow in. Check the temp and humidity of your drying space. Ensure you dry long enough. Removing long stems and all fan leaves can help move things along.

Once they are dry to your satisfaction, placing them in jars or Grove bags to cure is probably most common. If using jars one method to further reduce humidity are humidity packets — a good idea. Using packets that come with replacement indicators which will show you when you need to replace them, as opposed to using a hygrometer to measure the RH is cheap insurance IMO.

The other method involves opening the curing containers and letting humid air out. This is known as “burping.” It typically is done two to four times per day as the cannabis cures initially and is necessary less frequently as the RH percent drops. This method requires daily attention to detail and opens up a large amount of room for error, since it’s done by hand. Also, if you live somewhere with high humidity levels, burping the containers might actually be letting in air that has too high of a RH, which can cause your buds to remoisten.

You can’t eliminate mold spores from the environment in most cases so the other links to the chain (temp and humidity) must be broken.


Good info ! thanks everyone. I’m going to say that my drying time was rushed and it went into cure too soon and was damp. With the wrong conditions to store the mold was easy to develop.

The jar in question has been removed and disposed. Other jars have been inspected and contents are clean but I left some bud out to dry a bit more before putting back into storage.

Thanks again !