What is this? I have never had a white flower on the end of a bud. GG4

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What strain? It looks beautiful to me lol just on my first though!!!

@Photooz it’s light bleaching.


Gorilla Glue #4

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There is a lot of light. Thanks

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How far away from the lights is it??

From what I have read these are phenotypic expressions (from the genetics) of specific strains. They can be quite beautiful. Just calyx without any chlorophyll. Should be OK but lightning distance should be checked so as not to burn the bud. You should be OK.

looks like light bleaching,
move your light up 2-4 inches and let her finish.!!

Good Day All: Sorry to butt in… I’m trying to post a question, but can’t find anywhere for “posting new topic”… Thanks

Is that the start of light burn?

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over a foot, 1000 watt led

Thanks for your response

That doesn’t sound to bad. Might be genetic then.

Too much light. Ru growing under led? They will cause chlorosis (a bleaching of chlorophyll pigments) if they are too intense (either too close or too much wattage, something)

Did you get fixed up!!

I do crank a lot of light, led, it is over a foot away. I have had 3 previous crops without this occurring. Things are just about finished up, I figure 4 days, so I will see if this happens next time. Thanks for your response.

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I believe so. I do a lot of guessing. Thanks for your response.

Looks like your light bleached the top of that bud. It looks pretty, but there’s a chance it might be less potent & less flavorful than the rest of your buds.

It has all the trigones, we will see in a few days. Thanks for your comment.