What is this…HELP

My plant started doing this couple of weeks ago. I’m growing in dwc don’t know what to make of this….smh


pH and PPM?


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What are your water levels like? Photos?


Also temperature - temps of water, temp of leaf surface?

I have gut reactions but nothing helpful without knowing any details. Also grabbing @HappyHydroGrower @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @nodurxshn @Syndrix for their thoughts.


you have root issue ,check your roots for a brownish slime and also if your air stones get clogged this will cause this


need more info friend, whats your hygrometer say for starters


Hydrometer reads 75* with 45-50% rh. Growing in dwc, botanicare nutes. Ac infinity exhaust fan(4”) and a 6” pole fan on inside of tent. The strain is Pineapple Chunk.

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Have been having trouble with stones. Roots look good kinda tan looking. A couple of times I went to check ph and no bubbles coming from stone.


Water level is roughly 2” below net pot, photo (pineapple chunk). Don’t know water temp but surface of leaf temp at 75*.

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Take stone off Put something heavy on the hose to sink it. Until you can get a new one. A piece of pvc with tiny holes drilled is a good alternative. Tie or hot glue a couple rocks on it to hold it down.


lets talk about your air pump, what kind is it …how many watts?..also pull off air stone and try to blow through it …if you cant blow air through it with your mouth or there is resistance you may have a bum air stone …diffuser hose works really good its mainly for ponds but you can make them to fit any size res


ok that kinda confirms what I thought I was seeing…if you don’t have the bubbles you will get root rot and she will not survive…so you need to figure out why no bubbles and correct it so it doesn’t happen again… @nodurxshn gave some troubleshooting advice


Looks like dead stones. I’ll think I’d rather replace them at this point. I have had them a few years. I thought they would last a longer time……duh lol.

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The pump

I’m going with new stones.

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i replace after every grow, sometimes mid grow …there are inexpensive ways about it like diffuser hose buy several feet and just cut off what you need. youre pump is good to go lol that many watts i bet she humms pretty loud :slight_smile: …until you get new stones every hour or so i would get a pitcher fi;ll it with water from res …raise it up a few feet and slowly let it fall through the air into res …or like @DRsDank said pull your stones sink the line and let it pump air in …some is better than none


I not only like the way it looks but how it will oxygenated the entire bucket. I’m going to try some of those. BTW I switched the stone and it’s showing improvement in the new growth.



Aeration tubing is next level stuff- its fantastic with a good pump (which you’ve got).


@stankeybud1 don’t reuse the air stones, they are not expensive to replace at the beginning of each grow…I am happy with the INCLY air pump on Amazon…very quite and well made and can drive 4 each 4 inch stones with lots of bubbles…


ohh yah lots of bubbles :P, i wish i still worked in a welding auto repair shop id be makin my own rings heres a link

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