What is this? help please

Kinda looks like a plant that flowered but was severely lacking in light department

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other girls in tent are strong, have high quality led light.

That plant was short a few chromosomes, a genetic freak.

Looks like nothing but foxtails


Looks like @HornHead might be correct . Thats the bad kind of Foxtails .

I would say the plants stretched for the light and got forced into flower ,stressed out more still looking for light which may have turned back into Veg cycle then back into flowering but as a hermmie and started producing seeds. :man_shrugging:t2:

If the other plants are doing well then I would guess genetic fox tailing . It happens . I would trash it or make butter with it .

Hmmm, I saw a strain while seed hunting that looked just like this. I wish I could remember the name.

If your other plants are doing well, probably not light or heat causing it, so most likely genetics.

Maybe Dr grim spoon @blackthumbbetty
That’s the worst case of foxtail even seen but yea think it might have been just bad genictis if all else doing well


What lights were/are you using?

YES! That’s the one. Sounded so promising, then looked like that.

As bad as it looked one of the strongest sativa’s ever tasted

Can you smoke foxtail? And the link looked like that’s what it was supposed to do, like a plant to kinda trick the eye, blend in with other things I guess.