What is this good for?

So I’ve been trying to Google exactly what this light I pickup today is, and I don’t get it :man_facepalming:

I’m all ways on the look out for things to expand on a deal.

  1. Is this worth using to grow and what is it best suited for?
  2. Should I just replace the bulbs in the fixture with regular tubes and use it as a regular shop light?

I’m happy with either no more then I gave for it :grin:
Is it four 88w tubes makeing it 352w or simply 88w total?
2 tube appear to be all red diodes and 2 tubes appear to contain blue and white diodes.
Tubes have no writing, the label in picture is only info it contains.

Those are decent for veg.

Bust out the app and find out how many DLI it is at 18hr and a couple different distances
12 inch
22 inch


It’s actually 4- 22 watt tubes. A total of 88 watts.

Still a $140 light. Not sure what you gave for it. Should do well vegging some plants.


I forget about the app. I’ve said many times “oh I need that” when I read others talking about it. Guess it shows my age, I don’t ever think “oh app” even though there’s an app for every thing anymore :sweat_smile:.
But soon these 3 mystery plants I just flipped gets done I’ve got the perfect closest for it :grin:.

Appreciate it my friend!


I gave $50 for it :grin:.


I’d say that’s a score!


Whats the name on the light

AgroLED T5 HO Combination 44 Fixture

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Those lights you cant buy them anymore they have stopped making them ,but u can still get the tubes for them

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Yeah that particular fixture is discontinued but tubes and similar fixtures will be available.

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