What is this fungus or mold? Wth do I do now?

Hi everyone. I just went down to check on my plant and found this growing mid way up the stalk. Can anyone identify what it is and provide some information on how to get rid of it without doing damage or shocking the plant? It’s the only indoor plant I have on the go currently and it’s entering the third week of flowering so I don’t want to stunt it st this point. I’ve personally never seen this before and it doesn’t look like anything I’ve been able to find online. The fact that it grown so quickly is troubling as well as it seems like sap or something is actively leaking out which gives it an extra gross factor. If anyone could help me out with a prognosis and some direction on best treatment for whatever the hell this is I’d be grateful. Thank you for your time.

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Spray it with a dilute mix of hydrogen peroxide/water a couple of times a day until it is gone.

Thats also going inside the stems and traveling all over the plant very soon. Sorry to say but that plant is probably toast.

Are there other plants with this one?

If so, I would remove it. If not, try the H202 but keep a strong eye out for further damage, if there is more I would toss it.

It’s possible there was an open wound there from physical damage or bugs…

Sorry for the delay. I had something come up. Anyway thank you all for your replies. I’m just about to go check it now. I had some 3% peroxide in the kitchen so I tried a bit last night. I’ll reapply it now and I’ll post an update tomorrow or as soon as there is progress one way or the other. Thanks again

Sorry I didn’t answer your questions. It’s the only one inside at the moment. You very well might be right. It may have traveled throughout the system. It blows my mind just how quickly something like this can happen. Hopefully this will work. If not I’ll have to hope nothing goes wrong with the outdoor this year.