What is this evidence of? Spider mites?

Hello -
I’m in the middle of an outdoor grow in the mid-Atlantic US. 1 of my 4 plants has what you see pictured on a handful of leaves. It doesn’t really look like anything I’ve seen as evidence of common pests but I guess the closest could be spider mites? Maybe something else? Maybe not pest-related.

I’ve already started a regimen of the neem oil-based deBug Turbo because there appears to be some nibbling going on on one of the other plants.

But again, not sure. It’s hot here if that helps narrow down my issues.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Those look like leaf miners.

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew or Safer Caterpillar Killer. Both can be used all the way to harvest and won’t affect the quality of your flower (unlike Neem oil which will ruin flowering plants).


Ah, thanks for the knowledge! I thought with leaf miners I would see continuous tunneling. What I’m seeing are those discreet dots. I’m sure there are all sorts of ways these pests can manifest.

Good info on Neem vs. Captain Jack. I’ll pick some of that up now.

I appreciate your help.

Ah ha…I think I’m dealing with leafhoppers.


That’s a possibility too! You can use sticky fly traps to capture a few to determine what is eating your plants. If you are outside you might even consider buying some bags made from horticulture screen: they are very sheer but fine-meshed white cloth to keep moths and butterflies, grasshoppers etc. off the plants.