What is this error?

Lately, when I try to access the forum this error came up, from time to time.
What I’m doing wrong or what it’s?

Interesting. I have no idea though

@Marguerite you you need that photo (is not ok to share your email address) :v:

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To who it may concern.

I’m leaving this site. It constantly asks me to re-login, I’m not a robot or error message. Too much hassle for too little real reliable information.


I have a issue. I read the grow bible front to back and it taught me a ton. That being said, I panned my grow out of the info I got from the bible. And this is were a revision needs to be done. In the beginning of it its talking about lights u need to grow, and not one word about LED lighting. I bought hps mh lights and nothing but issues with it. But that was me not the lights. I think we should at least touch on it, I mean there are some really awesome forums on lighting DIY lighting, everything from florescent bulb to 30 strip quantum board. Just a friendly suggestion
Happy grow. :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

I guess I don’t get it. It is going to take me a few to figure out this forum, technically. My first forum

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