What is this bug?

These little green bugs fly, and and there are several on my plants. I really haven’t seen much evidence they’re eating it though. I knock them off, they take a short flight and then they reappear. Also on one of these same plants I’ve seen a praying mantis, which I know is good addition to my garden, maybe helping with keeping these other bugs in check. So, but are these good bugs or bad bugs?

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No idea. But we have a few bug heads…

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I am not sure what they are but they keep coming back to where they want to be so either they are tapping the honey hole or they are eating something that is eating from the honey hole…all things are predators and preys…gotta eat something and something’s gonna eat you…decay…the menu is endless lol.
If they are bad Mantis will get his meal.
They look like little green aphids small grasshoppers not on steroids…but I have no clue lol


Interesting I don’t recognize it. But i know a entomologist on another site let me see if he knows off hand. Might need better picture to be certain though.

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kinda looks like a type of green leaf hopper but hard to tell

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@ggc1962 is correct it’s called a green plant hopper ( Siphanta hebes ) belong to family Flatidae, Order Hemiptera.

And it won’t harm your plants…


I believe it may be a leaf hopper.

Thanks peoples!!
I kind of figured it was probably a harmless bug, they aren’t eating the plants.

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My first thought was aphids, but if they’re not eating, they’re probably friends. :v: