What is this a sign of?

Have you checked your leaves closely for bugs ?
Looks like spider mite damage to me.

Mites maybe? Hard to tell if that’s what I’m seeing here

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@Watt-Sun How would I get rid of them if I did have them, I have ladybirds on my plants as well. I’m gonna go check and see if there are any

Agree with this

@Mrcrabs I can’t believe it would be spider mites. I check my plants everyday and the spots weren’t there yesterday, one thing I am dealing with is catapillers.

How would I get rid of em

Here’s a thread going on right now on how they’re eradicating them


@Mrcrabs I went outside and checked to see if I saw any with a magnifying glass, I saw nothing, none of my other plants are like this as well(I’ll include pics) yesterday I pruned some of the dying leaves.:man_shrugging:t3: Could it be a deficiency? Or r the bugs just so tiny u can’t see em?

and the leaves droop on this plant!

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Are you checking the underside of the leaves? That plant with the ladybug doesn’t seem affected. Maybe try and move it to an affected plant. Just an idea of how small they really are

@Bobbydigital yes I checked the underside as well and I saw none, thier are about 6 ladybugs on each plant they just hang on the underside, I am having trouble with tiny Catapillers eating home in the plants! Do u recommend me do anything or just let time heal it

And why is it droopin

The drooping is also a symptom of spider mite damage.

Well i need to get this under control before it spreads to my other plants

The damaged leaves likely won’t heal. They can be difficult to get rid of. @Jbum just got them taken care of recently. I believe he sprayed with 3% peroxide and followed up with another product jacks dead bug or something similar. I believe he detailed it in the thread I posted earlier.

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Here it is


@Bobbydigital I did see that that’s why I tagged him in this thread! But I have spent so much money recently for these plants I can’t go get jacks dead bug. I do have hydrogen peroxide though!

I would definitely give them a dose of peroxide spray. Luckily you’re not flowering so you don’t have to be careful. Make sure to get tops and bottoms of the leaves. It’s best to wait before lights out or just remove the plant from the grow light for an hour or two while it dries.

@Bobbydigital thier in a green house but I can spray them around 7 before it become dark outside. What’s the ratio of peroxide to water?