What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


So final tally… 38.36 Oz of grade A. All very dry and virtually cured. As I said I was beyond ruthless with B and below buds. Just ripped off and tossed into the bubble hash/edible bag. There was easily 4-6oz of buds many people would’ve saved that I didn’t. If I lose another Oz to max dry I will be shocked, but it’s possible. Call it 38 Oz easily, no question cured. With a hefty margin of error. That’s 28 X 38 = 1064 grams/642 Watts = 1.66 Grams per watt. I’ll take it…


Oops. Forgot my fav pheno which I’m keeping for head. As is typical of course, the best quality producer is also the smallest. The other phenos pushed 8oz per and this little bastard did a paltry 2.5. But… it’s the giggliest, most relaxing, most comfortable buzz I’ve ever felt of any herb. So she stays and I will try and learn her well enough to force her to produce better. What do ya think guys and gals? Not bad? They used to say breaking 1GPW was a threshold. Def not for good LEDs. Bet I’ll hit 2GPW when I switch to undercurrent pro RDWC.


Growing journal? Looks good man.


Here’s a link to my tent journal, it’s perpetual and rotating

GT tent journal

It started out hydro but I’ve gone back to coco; Zkittlez was the last one in hydro

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Blueberry Auto 66 days from seed.


im hoping to hit the elbow mark this time i got 800 watts 2x400hps just started week 7

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@fano_man correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not seeing a scale with your flowers on it. You should post those pictures on this thread…


Blueberry auto. Don’t know if it’s a good yield or not but I’m happy. 400 grams wet


If the 20-25% mark holds you should net out 80-100 grams… a nice haul for an auto IMHO.


All this micromanaging is for the birds @sorry didnt know that threade exsisted i dont have time to read every single thread … allyou heavy weights what do you think its way how about that ill tell you when its done …

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We all moderate and tolerate in some form on this forum. Try the search function next time. Hasn’t failed me yet.


That’s a great harvest,well done brother that must have taken a lot of hard work ,you should be very proud,now don’t tell me that’s all for personal usage is it


Well done brother that’s an awsum harvest,hard work reaps its rewards is it,good job brother


Thanks so much. I found a picture of some of those plants. My son and grandson I am behind the plant.


What is the name of that pheno what was giggliest?


I had five seeds of GSCE. I popped all and stuck a different crayons marker in each to keep track. Yellow, orange, purple, blue, and green. Each had advantages and disadvantages. The one I called blue was my favorite by a significant bit, but the output was only 2.8 OZ Whej treated exactly the same as the others. The rest did 8-13 per plant. My second fav was orange. It did the most volume and second fav high. It’s disadvantage is that it’s super temperamental in veg phase. Magically she becomes happy and stable for the second she’s in bloom phase. Leaf color goes from very yellowish to a perfect mint green.


Good stuff. Nice to see. Cheers

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And what breeder? :slightly_smiling_face: Im thirsty of giggly strains.

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ILGM of course!