What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


29 ounces of Gorilla Glue from 3 plants, outdoor grown, California summer weather.
The bag is the cola tips.

This was late harvest, 22 weeks grow cycle.
This is sleepy-time smoke.


2 Crystals and Gold leaf breeded by 3x600w cheapos overall 800w to wall and get 21 oz/ 600g very happy with results. Now i get myself thinking what i can do with hlg lights.its really hard me to get them here. Im little devastated.


Harvested 2 this month…

Grape Ape clone: 477.6g
Laughing Buddha clone: 635.3g

These are wet weights.


What about spraying with apple cider vinegar solution? Can the buds be sprayed?


Are you talking about keep the bud moist while in the jar curing. If so … hell no that would be the worst thing you could do. I hope you were talking about something else.


I got a total of 3.5g from 28g trim. I have 249g from Stubborn Stacy in freezer but we messed up and ordered the 1 gallon bags so its gonna take a while.


Pineapple Chunk 307g at harvest; estimated dry 2.5 oz. One seed, so far


Nice GT! :wink::v::bear:


Now that’s growing at its finest @GreenThunder!


Those nugs look frosty and dense. Yum! :yum:


I can’t wait to get back n on this my guess is half pound or more hey @Covertgrower u don’t have forum???


Any harvest is a good one, eh?! I was glad to get this one finished because it was a weird medium. The previous owner kept her in a large rockwool cube which sat in an oil pan. It was difficult to keep upright and I was never quite sure I treated her right. I guess I did, enough anyway :wink:


Ice water micron bags style?


@Loki yes, works really good. I am doing my wash differently this time though. I am going to order wash bag and use 5 gal bucket and aggitate the hell out of it. The more, the better the result. Then I am going to siphon most of the water out into an secondary container while leaving most trics on bottom of wash bucket. From there, pour it through the bags for a cleaner more streamline process.


From my 4 plants is 3 and a half ounces probably more but smoked it :joy::joy:


Zkittlez was harvested today (she was my last hydro)
1476 grams (52.7 oz) wet and on stems. I’m gonna guess it’ll dry to about 10 oz


Yes I have dehumidifier it works


Really nice harvest and beautiful buds! Nicely done GT :fist::v::bear:


Buds the size of small puppy :dog:
Great harvest!!!


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Not sure yet, but a 6 hr day today to trim half my stash. I’ll be shocked if I don’t break 2lbs. I’ll report back once I’m dry and cured!