What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


1326.6 grams wet with stems, 4 plants 5th lady is being uncooperative, she will be a 20 week Auto.


Total so far
22ozs Black Widow + 2 ozs larf buds
8 Oz’s bag seed purple buds aka the Little plant that could
3ozs of clippings /sugar leaves
Banana kush 6ozs so far with 75 percent of the plant is still growing
Also some hanging maybe 2ozs dry


Banana Kush


Nancy kush.looks nice


Add black widow to my list.cheers


18.5 ounces. Unknown strains.


Harvest so far I ran out of jars again


Total for the Banana Kush 704g or just over 25ozs from just one plant
Total for Black Widow 22ozs + 2ozs larf buds
Total for bag seed plant 8ozs
Total trimmings of just sugar leaves and small stems came to around 2.5lbs
Plus around 2ozs of early bud clippings I’ll post a picture when I burp them next time


Did you keep a journal or show pics of the Banana Kush? Sounds mad. I need to know the technique used for t that one please


Minus about 2 oz smoked/gifted/used-

23 oz from 8 WW autoflowering plants, total plus about 2.5 oz trim and popcorn buds:


Burping babies


All grown outside in a home made greenhouse 1 Banana Kush 2 Black Widows and 1 Despensery bag seed plant.
My greenhouse is next to my duck pond with 12 ducks and 20+ chickens they’ve been fertilizing that ground for years. I mixed in a bunch of mulch to make it less dense. The Banana Kush was closest to the pond maybe 3ft. I also used a drip system. Also misters during veg.
Next time I’ll either make a bigger greenhouse or plant less plants. It was very crowded in there I had to build a bigger greenhouse over it and remove the smaller one right when my plants started to flower. And do some emergency LST and even some supper cropping to keep it from the 7ft ceiling.


Today I took a couple of ozs of trimmings and made some bubble hash.

ended up with 20.5 grams
I still have about a lb and half of trimmings to make more.




What size micron bag u using to get that much from that much trim


There will be a bit I can learn off you. Cheers. Perfect bloody do for it. Makes me friggen smile that shit. Good work.


I have Bubble bag dudes bags it’s a 5 bag set. The trimmings I used were all tricome covered leaves and really small buds I was surprised at how much hash I got out of what I used


I wanna be like you when I grow up!!! :joy:


How’s the taste and potency on the bubble hash


My wife says it tastes really good and it gets her really stoned
It’s made from Banana Kush trimmings and larf buds
The trimmings are the tiniest sugar leaves clipped off of buds. I trim them real close the trimmings are covered with tricomes. The Banana Kush my wife says tastes better than any weed she’s ever had and the hash tastes like the Banana Kush.
I’m going to make another batch tomorrow for her