What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


Last 2 girl what I harvest was exactly by 4.2 formula. Wet to dry.
First indoor attempt 2 x 600w (true 552w) viparspectra China lights 1.31 GPW REALLY Good I think.


First harvest yield

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
Wet: 570 grams
Dry: 130 grams


Harvested one outdoor plant of The White. I believe it’s an autoflower.
Got about 12 ounces of semi dry, semi trimmed buds and fluff. Not in jars yet.

It was a small plant with small colas. Smokes OK, not a strong odor, but piney. Gummed up my scissors real fast.


Ha! I was the last one to post here.
Harvested, dried, and trimmed 4 Hades OG, outdoor grown, Northern California.

That’s 14 ounces of loose trimmed buds in 4 half-gallon jars. Plus a jar of clean trim.
This is my first grow of the Hades OG, buds are small, but that’s over 3 ounces per plant.


I ended up with 220gm wet that dried to 51gm. That’s was out of the 1 plant using fluoros.


You can wash it, the are great you tube videos on washing.


Black Widow 1st plant 4.5lbs wet


ended up with almost 300 grams but I had also clipped off some before harvest around 2ozs dry


My 2nd Black Widow

This is half of the plant but a lot of larfy buds. Its still drying I figure around 6ozs. Dry we’ll see


the other half


From my summer grow (all ILGM seeds):

OG Kush - 424g/15oz
GSC Extreme - 496g/17.5oz
Gold Leaf - 441g/15.6oz
Big Bud - 497g/17.5oz


Wow!! And I thought I had grown too much


Rest assured, it’s WAY too much. I should have some happy friends and family come the holidays. In more ways than one. :slight_smile:


Yeah next time I’m only growing 2 plants


You know, you say that and I did as well, but a couple of caveats: first, I love growing different strains side by side and watching how they express themselves. Second, extra plants provide insurance against bud rot or other disease, especially if you spread the plants out. If you have two plants and lose most to bud rot or intense PM, it could erase your work from the year.

Just a couple thoughts. Seeds are relatively cheap compared to a wholesale loss.


I agree maybe I need a bigger greenhouse for next year instead
I live in the high desert and don’t really have problems with bud rot. I had small issue with worms but took care of that pretty quickly. Didn’t lose any buds


My final tally from two Black Widows
22ozs of buds +
2ozs of larf and 1.5ozs of sugar leaf clippings not pictured.


@plumbdand can you post a smoke report here? I am very curious about bw


I don’t use so I’ll ask my wife and her mom
They say it’s a strong buzz even the stuff I clipped early
I think it also needs to cure awhile still. They say it is a little harsh and has a little grassy taste.
A lot of the buds are a little fluffy and it was a pain in the ass to trim. I think if I would have used scrogging techniques it would have put out more big buds. I clipped some broken branches off my Banana Kush and dried them 4 days My wife says it tastes way better then the BW


Here’s the end of my summer grow; four ILGM White Widow (fem).

Mary Jane Eyre:
122 grams / 4.3 oz
Mary Jane Magdalene:
144 grams / 5.1 oz
Mary Jane Brody:
186 grams / 6.6 oz
Mary Jane Goodall:
134 grams / 4.7 oz