What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


Some of what I read I can’t help But shake my head and laugh :joy:


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Sour Diesel clone: 1710 grams / 61 oz (wet weight) :+1:

Biggest cola was 100.6 grams! :drooling_face:


WOW!! That’s beautiful!


Thank you @Fairieswear8oots :green_heart: I’ve learned all I know here on the forum and boy does it work!! I have not done everything perfectly and try to keep things simple (kiss and cma are my mottos!)


Yoyre most welcome, thanks for sharing! And those are some fine mottos for daily living👍


Well, you all enjoy the peace and quiet, lol :smiley: lw


Final results: 61 oz 13.5 oz :grin:

24.4 g


Very nice! @GreenThunder


I harvested my abused mini experiment today… 4.4 oz (wet weight)


And the remaining sour diesel clone was harvested last night. Didn’t take a total weight but the main cola was 88.8g :star_struck:


Awesome job! I love the sour diesel


Out of likes @GreenThunder but that’s a great weight!


My first ever indoor try last year end. First autos ever, first artificial light experience (led) and not knowing anything fertilizers :slight_smile:
No measure knowledge. And Amnesia auto

Dried weight was 100g. Beer can is pint (0.5l)


Congrats and nice harvest @beginner2d