What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?



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Getting close


Done I got while Amber was moreso 1/4 instead of half. I love the way of the euphoria without the drowsiness. 3329 grams with trim and mini buds added. Did not harvest entire plant.


Buds weren’t very hard although solid and heavy full of resin


Plus I got impatient due to the other 2 clones from her a GSCx a LA CONFIDENTIAL + putting the harvested one back into veg for summer if I can pull it off


Check out my journals I’m going to grow only ILGM strains and try to cover the basics plus the benefits of the company in many ways.


Got all my Super Silver Haze harvested. I ran two plants (SSH and Gold Leaf) in a single 4x4. They were in veg for 60 days and their total life span was 148 days.

The Super Silver Haze totaled out at 6.64 ounces. I still have more of the Gold Leaf to jar but I’m currently at 7.07 ounces of GL jarred up.

For the SSH I have this jar:

And a pair of quart mason jars with 28g each in them.


Nice to be stocked up isn’t it?


It takes the pressure off that’s for sure. :slight_smile:


Still going, it’s getting fatter, it’s getting juicer, it’s getting smellier, don’t want to jump the gun! Just waiting for Mrs Amber! I’ll post before and after photos. It’s a Golden-Leaf too!


That’s a pretty bud :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep on patiently waiting, I grew one Gold Leaf outdoor last year, glad I waited for her to finish, took a while to see amber.

Great picture, awesome looking bud, developing fabulously, keep up the good work!


84 plants

Wet weight of all whole plants combines 143lbs

119lbs after removing large foilage.

After dried, stems, buds and sugar leaves weighed in at just over 20lbs.

After removing buds from stems and trimming sugar leaves got
4,128 grams. 9lbs & 3.4oz’s

Trim of sugar leaves and small popcorn buds (for concentrates) weighed in at 568gr. 1lb 4.3ozs

So that left approx 8± lbs in stalks & stems.


Great haul bro!


@MattyBear. Thanks bro. I’ll never do that much by myself EVER again. I developed carpal tunnel and tunnel vision that lasted a month from all the trimming!


Dude, I bet! That’s a lot to trim! I have my wife help me trim, but if I had that many plants at once, I don’t think she wouldn’t be as willing to help, lol. What’s your next grow gonna consist of?


@MattyBear I’m chopping 19 THC Bombs in the morning and I’m going to do one more run of 42 of the same strain that will be ready to go into the big system in a week or so or as soon as I can break down everything in the grow room and thoroughly sterilize and set back up. This will be my last grow here because we are moving off Island.


Keep me tagged into your grows man. Great job buddy


Will do buddy.