What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


You talking about dry weight? :heart_eyes:


Yes, that one was 4 lbs green. 8 quart mason jars filled.


That plant give you more the 280g dry! OMG that is pretty awesome my friend :+1:.
Nicely done. I hope I will be able to grow like this. My problem was the space but also because I focused on the auto strains :sleepy:. New i need to do this :joy:


SCROG’ED Gold Leaf (GL2) is dried and in jars, thanks to the help of my lovely wife (slavedriver…) and the totals are…interesting.

Manicured bud: 8.36 oz
Leaf: 1.97 oz
Stem: 2.29 oz

The Jack Herer is the winner by over 2 1/2 oz! What’s interesting is the green weight was almost identical and they both dried to the same point: 62%. Stem weight almost the same, leaf 1/4 oz more.


Each strain is different, the JH just liked what you did to her more then the GL did. I think the GL really is the monster and they are killing my WW and CW so far. I don’t think you need to worry though…you killed it on this grow.


Thanks! I still have the monster cropped GL to finish, but it’s going to need a few days to dry before putting in jars. I’m guessing about the same or a bit more.


Unfortunately you can no longer call yourself a rookie brother. Lol


whas this an AF or fem


These were from fem. seeds.


I let Gold Leaf flower outdoor on longer side, the extra days really helped some trichomes change color. It dried and cured for 2 months before any met the vaporizer, wow, some potent stuff, Robert’s Gold Leaf a brilliant strain, I underestimated it a bit…amazing what a small amount will do!

Holiday cheers!


I agree. It’s one of the more potent strains.


Woo Hoo!!! I’m finally here posting. It’s like crossing the finish line after a long race.

I harvested Saturday morning 12/23 and at that time with minimal trimming, the Blue dream was at 29.98 ounces and the Grapefruit at 20.78 ounces. It had been drying in the tent with humidity at about 65 until last night to keep the smell to a minimum while I had guests for Christmas so 4 days. Last night I had to move my BBA back into the tent because it’s too big for the small tent and I didn’t want to push my luck. I cut everything into smaller sections so I could bag them like @bob31 does and removed the larger stems and the weight is now down to 9.17 ounces for the blue dream 5.43 ounces for the grapefruit. The branches weren’t quite snapping last night but tonight when I checked them they are much drier since humidity is scarce now. I think I will be jarring in the next day or two. The hay / wet grass smell is lessening too. So not huge amounts but not bad for my first indoor grow. Thanks to all who helped me through the tough times and cheered me on the whole way. You guys/gals are THE BEST!


Congrats on your harvest. Way to go :+1:


Nice @AnneBonny… Thx for sharing with us.


Welcome to the dark side hahaha!

Loved watching your grow! What a lovely job you did.

Go easy on the samples until it cures: it gets a LOT better :blush:


Mine is not even get close to the final cure and she’s gone :disappointed_relieved:. I already run out :sob: .
And that is because I get a small amount in the end and also because my space is small… Was small :sweat_smile:, soon I will be able to get enough to not run out anymore :crossed_fingers:


How many colas did you have on the jack?


50? 75? It was a SCROG so it was all tops.


do you have a grow journel going? trying to see if i need to top more of my plant. i have 11 terminal bud sites that will grow into colas but may top a few and lst them into the center so i have a perimeters of colas along with the inside packed with them.


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