What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


Thanks. I’ve been burping the jars 1X weekly the past couple of weeks (thrift store @$0.50 each & new lids) no Boveda. I’m going on 60 days, Widows have nice aroma and no signs of mold or anything & each bud smokes better than the last one. I’m guessing I can stop burping now???:crazy_face:


I’ve been showing him but I couldn’t remember what size your space was. We are both amazed by your numbers and can hardly wait to see what we get. :sunglasses:


I do have the added advantage of some daytime sun. How much that contributes to overall yield is debatable but it’s free! Haha.

Really, I’m not a gardener and not the sharpest knife you’ve ever used. Especially stoned lol. I think you can better my results easily.


Yea after 60days it shpuld be plenty fine to stop burping. I do it 4wks. What does your widow smell like?
Mine has a very citrus fruity smell. Anytime i touch it or bump against it the smell sticks to what ever touches it. Ww is one of my favorite strains of all time!


My Widows have more of a sweet diesel smell, not sure how to describe it :thinking: as I haven’t had anything different to compare it with :slightly_smiling_face:


I harvested my girl JJ today (bag seed of unknown strain, indica dominant) and was amazed to weigh a yeild of 1168.2 g (without stems)!!! :sunglasses::green_heart::drooling_face:

The largest bud was 48.9 and the 9 biggest together were 229g. We’d previously clipped buds from her totaling 68.2 bringing the grand total to 1236.4! I am beyond amazed and am super glad I didn’t give up on this ‘runt’ (was a day away from tossing her) :sunglasses:

We added some finger hash to the previously clipped samples… super tasty! :ok_hand:


Nice… You should get a decent amount of dry product… Around 250g I guess, maybe more depending on the density… Happy harvest @GreenThunder


If that was wet weight without any stems I would expect quite a bit more dry. We’ll have to see.


Wet weight without stems :ok_hand: (for faster drying) :wink:


Nice job on that harvest @GreenThunder


You right my friend but is also depending on the density, i find that on my last 2 harvests :slight_smile:


Yesterday’s monster cropped Gold Leaf got the chop.

Total green weight is 58.63 oz.


Absolutely. But most weigh wet still on stems, which are usually 30-50% of the overall wet weight. When you’re not counting that as wet weight, you don’t have to account for the loss of it on the dry end.


@dbrn32 once again your exactly on point


Most of us dry on stems so that would affect the ratio wet to dry. So long as the data is taken the same way.


I do as well, so I realize the difference. His ratio of wet weight to dry weight is just going to look a lot different than ours. It wouldn’t be any indication of his weed or process being an better than ours, just measured differently.


@Whodat66 do you like that trimming try. We have been looking into them, kinda going back n fourth on it bc of the $.
And do you have any picture of the bubble hash? I used to smoke it all the time when i lived in CO. I love it. Just bought my own bubble bags was going to try it when im done with this harvest. Do you use flowers or just sugarleaves and trimmings?


That is also what i do take the buggest bulky stems out. I dont sell it, if i did i might do it differnt bc most people want those big huge long buds with big ole’ stems in them lol bag appeal i guess. Not me i never minded some shake or a bunch of smaller popcorn buds cant smoke them big stems so why would i wanna pay for them.


OK, WOW! If I miss an answer lemme know.
I love the trim bin. I don’t actively “make” dry-sift, but this would be perfect. I just use it as a rolling tray, and the ground flowers get rubbed across it a little as I scrape stuff up. I save the goodies until I have enough to matter. A bonus about the bin is that it has replaceable screens. you can remove the screen and clean it (I use everclear and save the goodies after it dries) or have a spare handy.

I like flowers too much to hash any of them, I used sugar-leaves, fuzzy-stems and trim.


Jack Herer came in at 10.72 oz of manicured bud, 1.79 oz of shake and 2.22 oz of stem.

Gold Leaf is next.