What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


Props @WillyJ very impressive haul!!


Very nice between yourself and @Willd @WillyJ you two should get together and teach a class lol now ypu two have got the massive yeilds down lol


Wow that’s a great yield


Amazing, as always @WillyJ Just beautiful :green_heart: :seedling:


I know this is late bUT wet was 500 something not sure so I don’t wanna lie but that was after I kept rh low and everything and ended up with almost 5 oz after 3 days then after the final dry and cure it was about 3.5 oz


Nice looking stuff @WillyJ
Nice bountiful harvest! :ok_hand:


Didn’t notice the focus was bad, but I can’t retake it now. 341g wet for the whole plant, less about 20g of stems, and another 20g of trim, so right at 300g wet, or about 2oz dry.


This was just a bag-seed, exactly 3 months from start to finish. Sprouted Sep 11, cut Dec 10.


@whodat66 I like your jig for hanging colas under the scale.


Thanks. I see all these buckets and tubs full of buds on scales, but I don’t have that much and just wanted to be extra gentle. they didn’t touch anything until the scissors.

I had a fish-hook to hang the whole plant, then changed it out for a binder clip. Worked pretty well checking the drying progress by weight loss. Hit 33% weight today, so I jarred a bit with an inkbird and it was at 67%, so I have 74g of manicured (mostly) buds in the burping stage, and just under 5g of bubble hash from the trim. I didn’t put any size buds in the hash, so I think that was a pretty decent return.

I think that when it’s cured, it’ll be right at that 2oz estimate, and dead-on-balls accurate with the 20% math.


Excellent @Whodat66 thanks for contributing!


Jack Herer at harvest. Green weight is 4.13 pounds or 66.09 ounces.

Currently washed in peroxide and hanging to air dry before racking.



present for you and anyone else that wants it

use the TDS 500 value


Gold Leaf SCROG weighed in at 66.60 oz green.


WOWZEE!!! That’s quite a haul :ok_hand: What size is your tent or grow room? We have a 4.5x4.5x6.5 tent and hubby thinks we’d have to convert the entire room into a grow space to get that yield. :thinking: (I’m not on board with that plan) :v:


@SmoknGranny i just hang and dry a few days till the bigger stems snap when u bend them. Then put in empty glass jars and open 3x a day 1wk
2X a day for a wk. And then 1x every 24hrs for 2wks.
This has ALWAYS given me a perfect cure.
Good luck.


I have a 4 X 6 X 6 home built box and a 2 X 3 X 5 tent for veg. I can do 3 plants in each. The SCROG height is only 28" plus the pot.

If I can do it so can you!


Took mine out to fluff it up and get a final weight, 64g. No big beautiful nugs, but 80% of them are in the 1-3g range and dense.
Also got over 4g of bubble hash dried.


Show him my grow journal. My Styrofoam box is in the garage and my veg tent is in the guest room. With that setup I should be able to do 2 pounds every 2 months.

I got nothing but big colas from the two SCROG’ed plants and some were the size of coke cans! Very little popcorn bud.


By tomorrow I’m gonna have 12 lbs of green bud drying in the guest room. Can you say “stinky” lmao!