What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


@bud123 it’s not a popularity contest. I started this topic so we could all learn more about what to expect of dry harvest based upon the weight of the wet harvest.

How many days drying etc. I went back through the topic and you had a great harvest.

When I do the data collection and report my findings I will include your input. Thanks for contributing.

I’d spread some more love through the topic, but I’m out for 3 hours.



My comment was aimed at all outdoor growers and I hope I didn’t offend. Ya gotta cut these folks a little slack: we’re all a bunch of stoners and short term memory is a bit sketchy haha!


I’m indoors and just wanted to let fellow growers know, 1 Chronic Widow vegged for 10 weeks with lots of LST and HST. 124g or 1/4 pound dry. First attempt with Chronic Widow was 55g, I knew I could improve and I did. Lots of reading and new techniques.


That’s it @bud123 I’m going to like the heck out of what you post!


One Blue Cheese plant, dried and in jars tonight: 256.1 g dry weight.
Grown from a commercial clone, outdoors in San Diego, in a 10 gallon pot of Miracle Grow potting soil (with nutrients embedded) plus a little bloom fertilizer once it started flowering.

Pretty good Return On Investment: Between the clone, the soil, bloom fertilizer, and spinosad, cost me about $50 for nine ounces of (hopefully) top shelf weed.


figured I’d post some hash and dry keif weights too


Harvested my Gorilla Glue bag seed girl

224 Grams of bud wet and drying

136 grams of trim

I will update on dry weights in a few days.

The Gold leaf totals will be in soon. She still needs another couple days of drying!


Bubble hash total 84 g. +about 6-8 g I gifted.

Once it dries out some, I will repost. All but 8 g was made yesterday and today.


Blue Dream, outdoor grown, 4 plants. Final yield = 39 ounces of buds in jars.

4 pounds, 7 ounces of dried colas (not trimmed).

Happy camper!

Out of power due to hurricane

Nicely done @Budlite Ive got Blue Dream for my next grow. Let me know how you like it!


Way to go Bro. Good for you, jealous & im wondering about growing the Dream. Is it good smoke or have you sampled? Blue Dream I see at dispensaries all the time. It have never bought.


ILGM Gold Leaf; 14 Nov 2017, Jarred for Curing; Harvested 5 Nov 2017

528 grams of wet bud. Dryweight, 113 grams into the jars for curing for a month


Love those inkbirds for that, have a few myself.


They work great too. Very reliable and easy to read thru the glass @dbrn32


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Sorry for the disappearing act folks. Was a crazy couple months that just past. All in all things are good/ish. I ended up harvesting 5. First pics will be of the MOTHERSHIP. She topped out at a whopping 516g. She was MASSIVE. we had to keep tie’in her down. I’ve had issues lately with uploading pics so I’ll do separate post for the plants as I have time. So here are a few shots of mother…lol.

And again im only able to post 1 pic. Grrrrrrrrr. I’ll try for more later but that gives u an idea of how big she was. We didn’t clip her till 4 weeks after that picture.


Wet or dry?


Looks good @Mischief that should last a bit!


@M4ur … Maybe @GetbackJoJo was licking his fingers! :smile:


Here are a couple of final weights…purple train wreck #1 wet weight 2123g…

And dry -429g for container and baggie 445g …

That’s 13 oz of bud and a couple grams shy of 3 oz of skimp and sugar leaves with about the 7g that I sampled :grin: I made my goal of 1lb of usable mj from 1 plant…now to set new goals :+1:

And grandaddy purple which didn’t turn purple but still looks good…she was a clone I had gotten from a friend I’ll have to check how his came out…wet weight minus 840g

And dry weight minus 429g for container is 453g…12 oz of bud and 4 oz of skimp and sugar leaves…

This one had some big colas

@bob31 @M4ur


Nice numbers my friend! :+1: