What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


Mexican bag seed weight 952 grams ( 2 lb 2 oz) wet but hanging on the branches… Dry and into jars I now have 3 oz of popcorn bud,285 grams of bud and 2 plastic containers of sugar leaves and miscellaneous pieces of airy bud. Not a bad haul. Not great weed, but then its mother tasted lousy and gave barely a buzz, this, having just gone into cure, tastes better than mama and gives a bit of a better, longer lasting buzz, not great but OK


Big Bud dry weight

11.4 Oz bud
10.5 Oz sugar
12 grams keif

Huge bucket of sugar to turn into hash. Yay

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

Harvested wet weights from my first scrog experiments. Phase 4. Can’t wait to do this in the Spring as I might actually grow a pound.
On the positive, these only took 94 days from emerging out of the ground to finishing.

SSH 130.4 g
NL 84.3 g
BB 75.0 g
AMH 27.9 g
WW 90.4 g

SSH 31.4g
NL 25.2 g
BB 20 g
AMH 9.89 g
WW 26.3g

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

ILGM Gold Leaf; 14 Nov 2017, Jarred for Curing; Harvested 5 Nov 2017;

528 grams of wet bud. Dryweight, 113 grams into the jars for curing.


That’s lookin like a QP dry all day long @bob31! Way to grow!


DAYNM @Beans very impressive brother very impressive indeed


Nicely done!!! @bob31 !


Thank you sir @cj7huntngrow


thanks bro, hopefully a qp and some! You aren’t doing so bad in this country either! @Willd


Ty sir! !!!


lights, ornaments, action. The bottom pic should be entered into BOM this month.


Well the final numbers are in, for an 11 plant grow i ended up with 11.26 pounds of dried and cured buds.Not the best year i have ever had, but it was a good one. The Gold Leaf and Train Wreck were outstanding performers. Thanks Robert, the GoldLeaf is awesome night meds with over 2% Myrenes. The TrainWreck is great day meds and keep your head clean and awake. All samples had high to very high Terpenes. I would post the test results but i can’t figure out how to remove my email address from them and don’t want to break any rules.


Kudos to you @Fepony
I think everyone will agree Robert has a hit on his hands with the Gold Leaf!


Over pound per plant!! :drooling_face: I aspire to this greatness :nerd_face:


@Fepony and thats dried weight…lol. and here i was thinking i was being hopeful for 1/2 lb a plant.


@noobius I been doing this for many years. It all comes down to genetics, soil and nutes. I personally like FoxFarms nutes and soils and the genetics here are amazing. Nothing beats sunlight.


Big harvest means big plant. That also means time. What you should be more impressed with is it’s an outside grow and he still averaged better than a pound per plant. @Fepony well done! I like a man who uses 5 gallon buckets instead of mason jars hahaha!


Where is it?


hey guys whats up. I see that I need to put pics of my harvest. if you put pics you get more likes I guess. at 12 and1/4 lbs I think I did pretty good don’t you think. I try to put cool stuff on for you to look at. and risk what im doing also at the same time.every body has there own click and this one isn’t mine I guess. I guess I should have weighed mine in on a paper plate instead of 5 gallon pales full huh. so folks im out of here.