What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?


Throw out my numbers, mine are stems and all…


are they stems and all wet and dry? I dry trim my bud so i will have to include my dry trim in my total I guess to keep it accurate


What you see in the pic. First grow, so I was hesitant to trim ANYTHING that looked smokable :wink:

But not, this doesn’t include trim.


Wet pic


Blueberry Auto harvest today, one plant. The other needs another week.

Wet weight is 64 grams (The power on the scale timed out and I forgot to TARE the scale a second time)

The wet trim was 16 grams


If the formula holds up, I would expect the dry weight of about 14 grams minus the dry trim.


And I’m sittin’ here like wtf how do people harvest 2kg of just one plant…


So far in my 35k of posts I’ve read, if you are working with that much go get some 5 gallon buckets.


not off of an autoflower they aren’t


Wwaf 21.9 oz wet


Nice harvest @fever

Don’t forget to come back and post your Dry weights


Good thread. If enough people participate, it’ll be a good place to point people asking how much to expect. in a few weeks I’ll have something to contribute. :weight_lifting_man:


Exactly @PhantomFarmer


Mine is on close to the same schedule. :blush:


I harvest 2/3 of my clone and ended with 102.4g of wet weed.
I will keep you posted.


@bob31 Maybe you should put out 4-5 guidelines to reduce the variables, maybe more?


I’m just now figuring out the difference between fem and auto. :disappointed_relieved: So I used the coupon and just ordered ilgm crystal fem and ak47 fem. Momma wants some yield!


I have to wait for my trainwreck plant I dont keep old pictures on my phone


It always seems to be about 20%. You may see a little more if you get some really dense nugs, or a little less if they’re really fluffy. But I don’t see the need for dividing with a decimal to make the math work out to 18% or 22%. There really shouldn’t be much of a reason to guesstimate beyond that. When it’s dry, you’ll have what you have regardless of how much you suspected.


@Sharkslayer maybe you can share some information here whit your harvest. What she weigh before you dry it and after :wink:


I’m not going to weight the whole plant so I took part of a branch and weighed it. I’ll be hanging and will weight it again later once it dries. It weighs in at 90 grams and will be interesting to see how much it loses. I have a larger one I’ll so the same to once I cut it down.

Here’s another that weighted in at 121 grams. I’ll bet it’ll lose 75% of that and I’ll end up with about an ounce from this one.

I’ll add the larger ones like this as I harvest them.
Here’s another at 109 grams for a total so far at 320 grams.

I’m adding two more to the harvest. First one is for 94 grams and the second is for 81 grams bringing the total to 495 grams.

My drying room is about 70-75 deg. has been maintaining between 50 and 55 RH with a fan running. Here are some updates on the top three weights I started with…
No,1 was 90 and now it’s 49
No.2 was 121 and now is 75
No.3 was 109 and now is 66
They could of lost between 40-45% in one day.