What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

@Tr33 I also enjoyed trimming mine. It is the final step after a long grow. It was satisfying just to be able to do after all the bud rot problems I had.
My dried weight was just under 5 oz. Plus a box of trim.
Not sure what kind of seeds I planted I bought from another sight as outdoor grow grab bag. Next spring I want to try some autos from ilgm.20171023_112150~01




Really …?

Next year, I’ll send mine to you for trimming. I find it a tedious, mind numbing bore.


@PhantomFarmer that’s what the previous harvest is for hahaha!


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So here are some more harvest numbers. The WW and Txaki are ready for harvest and will get the lights out for tonight and all day treatment to harvest tomorrow. But for now here is the last Girl Scout Cookie and the single THC Bomb. Not bad, for a first grow, but there WILL be improvement next time. I will say, of all the samples I shared, everyone said it was better than their grow personally, and I take that as the hugest compliment. One guy I know has been growing for YEARS. I only share this because in part my success is owed to all of you. Thanks everyone.




That’s a grand compliment for sure!! Going to be challenging to improve what’s already “better than” but I know you can do it :v:


That’s why we do it.

My previous coworker came over Friday after work so I could thank him with some weed and he was blown away! Here’s this squared away older guy he worked with for years, intellectually understood that I was growing pot but when I opened the cupboard door and 24 1 quart jars crammed full of bud were lined up he about sh** himself! Haha! I gave him a jar and some samples from the latest.

The quality of the smoke - - - the smokeability? is so much better than my first grows there is hardly a comparison!


@Covertgrower just wacked the plants down the other day. Good size colas. I’ll put on a dry weight in a week or two. 20171022_204235


Looking phenomenal @Snowman I can’t wait for this report!

I hate when the start thinking slightly

@Snowman I know what you mean my og shrunk so much it’s kindof depressing

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We all hate shrinkage, this can be taken many ways… hahahaha @Snowman @Terra-cotta


My one indoor Northern Lights plant gave me 178.8 grams of dry buds. It was only 44" tall, so that’s not bad. At the rate I smoke that 6 ounces should last me all year.

5 gallon plastic bucket with holes in the bottom. Miracle Grow potting soil with time release nutrients, plus a little bloom fertilizer when in flower. 400 watt HPS lamp start to finish. It was a learning experience. Next grow will be LEDs, coco coir, cloth pots, DynaGrow nutrients with adjusted pH.


Just finished my first harvest. Everything jarred yesterday, curing in progress.

Here are the numbers. Wet was when I cut em down and dry was when I jarred them for curing. Gonna weigh em again after.

Wet 12.4oz
Dry 3.7oz 107g

Wet 18oz
Dry 3.6oz 101g

Wet 21.5oz
Dry 3.3oz 93g

Wet 12.2oz
Dry 2.7oz 76g

Wet 17.7oz
Dry 5.0oz 141g

Wet 17.1oz
Dry 3.9oz 113g

Total wet 98.9oz
Total dry 22.2oz 631g


Thanks for the reality check!

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Ok for all of you “super croppers” here are the results. Same strain, same growing conditions, same lighting. It’s about as scientific as you can get with out a lab!
White widow 73 grams wet left alone.
White widow 92 grams wet super cropped.
Is it worth the extra few? You decide. My personal review is if I do this again, I’ll be sure to trim under the canopy, as I had much smaller flowers underneath the canopy. This is a great substitute for a scrog with out the net, and it preserves the main cola. All of the flowers that had adequate light exposure were more uniform in size and larger than the one left alone.
The white widow that got left alone had the standard smaller on bottom larger as you go up kind of thing.
On top of this all another bonus seed was found! FTW!!


Nice @Covertgrower you can trim quite a bit off under canopy
Look up lollipoping technique
:+1: will let plant focus it’s ener upward


I only had one plant, and it was my first…so I have not had time to feel the boredom.


It is very depressing. Wish they would just stay big lol