What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

I’m betting Maine.

Boston - no doubt…

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i have been called a mass ole! lol!


I knew that, but did I peg the city? :wink:

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@cj7huntngrow I have seen late October but rain ruined 80% of batch. Riding a fine line between developing amber trichomes and not losing harvest to rot or mold due to moist weather. Having personally seen a friend lose 30 pounds to a decision I can only recommend being safe and harvesting earlier. At least you’ll get some harvest.


Weight of a large stem

So yeah harvesting late ripening strains in New England is not exactly easy but it’s not rocket science either. I work from home which gives me an advantage over growers who are unable to tend to their crop multiple times throughout the day. I have pics from my 2015 harvest timestamped Nov 4th if that tells you anything. I do recall there being quite a few frosts before it was all in.

I’ve been dealing with the mold and mildew problems every grow for years and have only recently found good solutions for them all thanks to the support of our peers here.

So for smaller amounts of bud rot (aka gray mold) I’ve been either isolating and snipping off 1-2" above, below or both & taking the entire stem prematurely. I don’t recommend that unless you’re seeing mostly milky trichomes.
Spraying with a solution of 1TBS baking soda/gallon water is supposed to be effective but I haven’t really had the opportunity to try it. I have a couple with powdery mildew that I’m treating on the plant with 1:3 Peroxide:water solution I spray on the leaves and buds then a weaker strength solution at harvest before hanging.

I can try to put together some links from topics here or you can hit me on my grow journal for more details


Exactly! That’s why I’m cutting my losses and harvesting now. It’s no longer “waiting on amber”! My buds are nice and sticky and will get me by😊


Give us a report on those new snips :wink:

I don’t get it. These are short duration strains. My GoldLeaf was harvested in early Sept.

Thanks all,
I picked more than half yesterday, mold spreading! But the bad weather seemed to help ripen it . Got the dehumidifier running and fans in the lawn shed with it hanging . I’ll let you know how I make out .


Tomorrow my samples go in for testing. Every year i try new things to make my grow better. Some work, some not so much. Like much testing, the results are seen only by use. This year i am testing. I tried a few things that can only be seen thru testing. All plants were fed the same. Watered the same. The real difference is in harvest time. I planted 2 of each. All were kept separate and numbered. I am hoping to see what the difference in THC and CBD’s and Terpenes are due to harvest time. This will, I hope, give me an idea of when to best harvest for max benefit. Also show me which strains produce what. I am stoked to see what the 2 big yielders (TrainWreck and GoldLeaf) THC and CBD’s are. All 11 samples will be tested and results posted.



here do you send for testing?

@Big123 I use Rio Grande Analytics. Must be licensed grower. There are 4 licensed testers in New Mexico. Any state that has medical should have testing facilities.


1 hour west just outside woostahh!! LOL!


yeah, i cant seem to get past the first week of october , but see and hear people finishing first week of november and think my grows could benefit if i could get there. the mold is always there , but let me tell you you have inspired me for next season !!

Well i started the harvest with GoldLeaf and it was germinated on May 9th and planted in the ground the second week of June, and finished Aug. 31.

@Fepony - roughly where in the world are you located? 8/31 is a pretty early finish.

@PhantomFarmer i am in New Mexico @ 7150’.

You did better than I did. Mine was in on 5/21 and made it till mid September.

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