What is the usual amount of water you need for all the stages?

Also my fertilizer is a liquid not power like the one this website sells, would it be the same measurements?


Not as simple as saying plants require specific amounts of water based on stage of development they are.

There are so many variable that come into play that this is really not possible to answer.

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The fertilizer you bought should have a recommended feeding schedule with it. What nutrients are you using?

The nutrients im using are 0-0.5-0.7, 6-4-4, and 2-8-4. And yes I see all the measurements on the nutrients. Um for the water can I use distilled water and add all my nutrients to that?

Yeah you can run r/o water…just gotta watch for calcium deficiencies since its stripped out of the water. What brand is the nutrients?

I’m using Fox Farm trio pack.

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@Missiles runs that line and can help you out with any questions…and has feed schedules she can post

Just to give you an idea of water usage. Won’t be the same for everybody because of different grow environments - containers, temps, humidity, light intensity, etc…

This is the watering schedule I’ve followed for years:

Seedlings/clones in solo cups - 3-4 oz water whenever the soil gets dry, starts about every 4-5 days from sprouting, when it gets down to every day then time to transplant to 3 gal pot.

Vegging in 3 gal pots - 48 oz (or until a little runoff) whenever they need it, starts with 5 days, works down until they need it every other day as they get bigger, then transplant.

Flowering in 7 gal pots - about a gallon (until a little runoff), once again starts with about 5 day interval, works down to every 3 days til harvest.

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Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Actually one more thing mate, I only have a couple 7 gallon pots, so I’m only going to transplant once from seedling. Would that be fine growing all the stages in the same pot?


Sure you could do that, not what I call optimal but people do it. Plants grow faster when given multiple transplants into appropriate sized containers to get frequent wet/dry cycles. Problem with a small plant in a big pot is that watering is going to be more challenging cause you can’t water it fully as it would take weeks to dry out and cause an over watering problem, so you’d have to give it the right amount of water so it can dry out again in a few days, something newbies can have a problem judging what is the right amount of water. Get it wrong and you’re going to have over watering or under watering issues and slow plant growth. Pots are cheap.

I’m using an autoflower, I’m planning to germinate it and put it in the final pot. If its better Ill buy a smaller pot. Also I was looking up how to grow autoflowers and most websites say don’t give a lot of nutrients to autoflowers, should I do half the recommended amount of nutrients?

I’m clueless on autoflower stuff, never grown one and probably never will, but it seems like people that grow them do like to start them up in the final container or move into it right after the solo cup.

I put all seedlings in their forever home right out of the gate. I also run 12/12 start to finish. This time I will have to transplant due to the plus sized girl already in the tent. Getting close to pulling her. Then transplant 3 little girls. :+1:

This is correct. I lived it. Lol. A pain to get back to normal