What is the timing schedule for veg/flowering (4-way LST and SCROG)?

A question from a fellow grower:

Strain: super silver haze fem

With the 4-way LST and SCROG, what should be the timing schedule for veg/flowering? Any tips for growing this straing with scrog, and limited height (69inches) w/ cooltube growdrobe?

Vegation stage - 1-2 months
Flower stage 1-4 mo’s

plant stages of growth is normal - No special “timing” except when to start your SCROG> Strain growing ?

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First of all, thank you Robert Bergman and ILGM team for never ending support. YOU ARE THE BEST.

Hey guys! The main subject is…

Is it going to be a problem for me to have a limited ceiling? and wont that make the timing(when I say timing it’s all schedule including scrog time etc) special?

I read lots of article about taming sativas/scrogging. its my first time grow and I thought experienced advise would help a lot. I just don’t want plants having burn issues or something, do want to be careful. What I got from the articles was keeping veg stage short, even if the screen isn’t full, cause of SSH’s sativa pheno(she stretches in flowering stage)

That’s why I’m concerned about height. I don’t want to battle with the growth out of space in my first grow :smile:

Sorry for English mistakes, much appreciated.

It’s ideal to change to flowering once you’ve filled the SCrog

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Ok so first you are working with a sativa dominant strain am I correct? If that is the case if it’s not an auto flower top at 5 nodes this should give you 2 additional tops leave lower limbs and foliage intact. This is modification of mainlining since you want a short and fast sativa in veg you will start training all it’s limbs when they all have 4 nodes and topping all branches as the new tops form use Lst to pull them downfrom the top your plant will start to look like a snow flake with around 8 tops within 4-5 weeks if you are not defoliating as in mainlining new branches will begin to fill in the middle naturally. Continue to train the tops with lst to keep flat even top at around 8-9" above the soil or pot once sufficiently brushy flip the lights the stretch will begin since height is your concern even without scrog this would end with a plant lollipop at around 3-4’ if you scrog even less.

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Depending on how you are growing indoors and how big you want the plants to get, veg time can be as short as about 2 weeks, and certainly can be stretched out to 2 months or even longer if so desired.

However, flowering time is almost always closer to 2 months, even for short flowering strains, about the shortest I’ve ever seen is about 50 days, and this is still much closer to 2 months. Some sativas can flower for up to about 3 months, or 12 weeks, but again, the average is much closer to about 8-9 weeks.

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