What is the smallest pot size I can get away with for space reasons

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m an ol country boy from east Tenn and have had to struggle though yrs of trial and errer. Going in a different direction now. Again a first timer. I want six to ten auto plants to cycle in every two weeks. Will be using a grow tent, and two LED lights. = 1100 w. What is the smallest pot size I can get away with for space reasons.
Next question, will a carbon filter, and duct fan 4 in. Be enough scent control, … I could sit and pump you for hrs dude, but I’ll cut it off. Thanks… S B


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smallest pot i would run would be 3gal,more roots=more fruits so i usually run 5gal min.
for a 4x4 tent 4’’ fan would work,but going to be hard getting 6-10 plants in there


3 gallon pots is the smallest you should go, but like @BIGE, I prefer the 5 gallon (5 gal are about 3 inches wider than 3 gal, so you can not fit as many in tent). I would say you could probably do 9 autos in a 4x4, might be a little crowded, but is doable…

The carbon filter will probably not be enough to totally eliminate smell. I use a 4 inch in my 3x3 tent, and although it does reduce the smell a lot, I can still smell the plants when I walk in the garage where the tent is.

Now feel free to join the forum, and pick our brains. This place is full of people who like to help others…

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Hey come join the forum. Theres tons of knowledge for the asking and some of the best folks any where … good luck with your grow

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I’ve got a bonsai mother plant in a one gallon cloth pot, but I would not go to flower with that.

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I’ll let you in on a secret. White felt. you can get a yard of white felt for about $6. depending on the kind of pot you use, I like grodan blocks but thats just me, you can then grow straight from the starter plugs. the reason for this is because as the roots grow they go down and start colonizing the white felt. It’s the same idea as using a CoCo mat for like 1/10th of the price. as said, bigger roots, bigger yield. Just adjust your watering and feeding accordingly to compensate for the extra water retention.

the only thing is that you MUST cover your blocks with something akin to Panda Film to protect the roots from light damage. and to help create a micro climate for them

you can even just grow straight from a solo cup. just cut the bottom off and place it on the felt mat.

I’ve got some bonsai plants I’m growing in coco in beer cups. Several months old and they are vegging just fine. This is a strain that grows 7 feet high outside in the ground.

We need to know what space we’re talking about here, for it might be worth sacrificing numbers for pot size.

And I’m also thinking about numbers due to rookie level, 4 plants are easier to look after than 10, if you know what I mean.

But saying that I have an auto in a 1 gallon pot, staying small as I’m learning, that’s hit 2 feet tall and would be about the same in width if I untied things that’s throwing up bud sites the length of cola cans, which I’m happy with since it’s my 5th ever plant.

It all depends on the space he has, and what he wants, more info is necessary