What is the significance of your screen name?


Oh, I could do it in a couple of months of practice. It’s really KNOWING you can do it more than the actual doing, if you get my drifr.


Sounds like a fun filled action packed gig you had going there. And getting paid mucho is always an added plus. These school knuckleheads are making me take A&P and Pharma all over again, probably just to generate more revenue. I’m sure Norcuron and Succinylcholine are still being used. Oh well… I’ve got to be patient and quit being so cocky. I guess before it bites me in the butt. It’s been over 18 years since I was playing with 12 leads or picked up a Mac Blade.


That makes sense. My son has trouble sometimes when his brain gets in the way. He shoots his best when he doesn’t expect to shoot well. Usually after a long layoff. Knowing something can be done has a lot to do with repeating it, that’s for sure.


Yeah, it’s not like it’s a strenuous exercise lol.


I’m one of the biggest star wars fans around and boba-Fett is my fav character. Grow because little did I know until last November I can grow things well. So, thus the name. I know his post hasn’t had a comment in a while but I’m up late with chronic pain and out of the chronic.


Not sure how I missed this thread. Mine is from the STARZ show Black Sails. Anne Bonny was a kick ass18th Century Irish American Pirate. It seemed appropriate since she was bucking the system way back when and I’m part Irish.


I’ll have to check out Black Sails. Have you seen Counterpart on Starz I’m really liking it.


I’ve seen it advertised and looks pretty good. We’re looking for a good new series after we finish with Longmire. GoT won’t be until next year…


I want to go see my Counterpart and see if he can grow better than me. lol


We just watching Counterpart too. You have to really pay attention with so much going on. @ntmaremach


We also started watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix. That is several seasons in so good if you need something to binge on. It’s about an Irish gang in the 1920’s. It’s really good. @Myfriendis410


Been wrenching on stuff for over fifty years. If it’s got nuts and bolts ,I’ve worked on it. From quarry rock crushers to medical lasers.
After being here a few weeks, I see in “Weed World” it’s actually the name of a strain. Cool Beans!
Anybody ever smoked some Grease Monkey?


@Greasemonkey I used some concentrated oil that I got from the dispensary made from it several months ago. Slept great I can tell you that. Love the name.


We just finished the series. We’re caught up there unfortunately.


That sounds like a real beauty!!! @Myfriendis410
You guys are way out of my league,but many perfect evening were made with my old Winchester 1200,a couple joints,case of birds and case of shells, and my thrower… I tie the pull string around my ankle lol


Being a genealogist…I discovered I descend from a long line of Master Mariners from the 1800’s so I chose my handle in recognition of all the sailors in my past!!! :anchor:


@Capt_Seeweed. My wife and i have been talking about doing something to trace our heritage. Any suggestions how to start that process. If they do it by DNA would it be better for us to just have our son tested? Instead of us each doing it?


Start with a Ancestry they allow free access to a lot…as far as DNA…someone would have to put a gun to my head first…ha ha…
But it is an interesting hobby… :+1:


@Capt_Seeweed ok thanks. Yeah i asked because i have literally NO idea how they did that stuff.


I love Black Sabbath. And who doesn’t love fairies wearing boots :heart_eyes:

Fairies Wear Boots
Black Sabbath
Goin’ home late last night,
Suddenly I got a fright
Yeah, I looked through a window and surprise what I saw
Fairy boots are dancin’ with a dwarf
All right now
Yeah fairies wear boots, and you gotta believe me
Yeah, I saw it, I saw it I tell you no lies
Yeah Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
I saw it I saw it with my own two eyes
Woah right now
Yeah fairies wear boots, and you gotta believe me
Yeah, I saw it, I saw it I tell you no lies
Yeah fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
I saw it I saw it with my own two eyes
Woah right now
So I went to the doctor, see what he could give me
He said, son, son you’ve gone too far,
‘Cause smokin’ an trippin’ is all that you do, yeah