What is the significance of your screen name?


Fantastic story! That’s the kind of tale I was hoping for lol.

That is one bad ass pony dude!

Here’s the plate on my '08 GMC Duramax that is “murdered”.


Thanks, love the plate.


Mine is a play on words that two close friends gave to me as a joke. It’s a reference to the commercials for cold and flu medicine. Well with my neck problems a few years back I was laid up on the couch for about 10 days and during that time I also got the flu. So my friends started referring to me as neck and flu. Haha I loved it and it’s stuck ever since. they don’t bring me a fat J for my hurting neck. Don’t bring me any Gatorade for my flu. They just sat and watched TV with me and then when a commercial came on they crack a joke at my expense. It stuck like glue. What are friends for? Right? Haha


Great story @ntmaremach I love cars. Sick emblem.
@Myfriendis410 say no more, I love murdered vehicles. It’s really difficult to pull that completely off… legally. Some cops tend to stop you for something.
@neckNflu great story, that’s exactly what friends do. If you can’t take a good heckling from your friends who can you take it from??


Mine’s getting a little long in the tooth so it’s kinda tattered in places. Still like having all the chrome work blacked out.


Mine of course is easy to figure out. I love to fly and have been ever since high school. I own my own six place twin engine plane that is one of my true loves. I’ts great to have during the holidays for visiting. By the way Myfriends410. My son is quite good with Sporting Clays and Trap. He competes with his Winchester 101 with 12, 28, 20, 410 gauge barrels. The darn 410 ga have become really expensive to buy.


I learned to shoot with a 101 Diamond Grade, and when I competed, a friend let me use his Diamond Grade 4 barrel set. Lovely gun and under valued (Miroku makes it). I have a very limited edition Beretta 682 Special Skeet, numbered for each state in gold inlay and stocked from the same Oregon black walnut. Mine is a tube set in all 4 gauges. Rarely do I ever shoot 12. Usually 28 and 410 and I load those.


Good morning @Myfriendis410. Your Beretta sounds beautiful. My son is still in college so his range time has been cut substantially. He and his Grandfather reloaded 20 ga but never 410. I believe it was costing them almost as much loading the 410 as it was just buying them. His Grandfather, my dad was the one that taught him how to shoot skeet correctly. They joke around with me all the time saying I’m “wrong-eye dominant” or no eye-dominant. Other words my shotgun success is only good in Argentina with a million birds flying around and not just a couple clays on the range. Although as you know, you really can’t just flock shoot down there. It’s just that I have more time to line up on a bird I guess. My son is always trying to help me with my shooting. He went to Louisiana over the holidays to do a little duck hunting. They said it was miserable due to such cold temps. and the all the Ducks flew further south to avoid the cold cold weather. Their boat even froze against the shore and they broke a paddle trying to free the boat from the ice. Oh well… They’re young. We’ve all done some crazy things in our lifetime.


I don’t compete any more but I do hunt with a 20 gauge Ithaca S X S for quail. The Beretta is for a Friday morning shoot at the club with the “Sunshine Boys” haha.

Shot is the major expense now and you can load 800 rounds of 2 1/2" 410 shells for one sack. As opposed to 400 in a 12 gauge.


Mine is simple. My home is Florida and the word play identified me as a man.

Everyone loves the Florida Sun. Change the u to an o and not so much! :wink:


I call my boy ‘Sonshine’ :sunglasses: He’s 22 and very mature but will always be my baby :wink::blue_heart:


Also self explanitory. Im an old hippie that has had a love affair with the cannabis plant for 50+ years. I grow my own meds while livin’ the dream somewhere over the rainbow.


I guess mine would fall in the category of self-explanatory too…


Amnesia Haze was the most poular Sativa in Amsterdam in 2010 at all the coffee houses.


A 410 is the best squirrel gun ever made.


i started with a stephens single shot .410! still have it too…lol


It’s a deceptive cartridge and I love shooting skeet with it. I only shoot for fun now, but at one time held a .97 average in the 410. Only shot 100 straight a couple of times, but they were the RIGHT times haha!


I bet if you were 30 years younger you could shoot 100’s all the time. Using a 410 to do it is darn good.


Way to go @Traumamedic. I’m in the process of re-certificating my P cert. I was first certified in 95 but quit working overseas and let my Paramedic Certification expire, like a dumby. After no longer working abroad the continuing ed stuff, the clinicals and rideouts took up way too much time I thought since I was not using it. Now I’d like to volunteer at our local ESD and I’m expired. Go figure, right? You just never know.


I was a NR Paramedic for many yrs in Greenville co SC.
The last 5 yrs I was a medic I went CC skool and became a flight nurse.
Best 5 yrs of my life… Especially since I was in Anchorage AK at the time, and was making 6 figs.