What is the safe way to plug in on/off timer and surge protector?

I was originally going to plug in my on/off timer into the wall and then plug the surge protector into that and run it under the closet door so all my outlets would now be in the closet. I realized if I did that the entire outlet strip would turn on/off with the timer. Besides the grow light I will also be powering an inline fan. I need the fan to stay on when the grow light turns off. The only way to do this is to plug the surge protector into the wall and then plug the on/off timer into one of the surge protector outlets. Then I can plug the grow light into the timer and let the fan run continuously. Is this safe? I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be. I tried to google and got mixed information. The surge protector is rated at 800 joules.

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Yep it’s safe. I have a kill-a-watt plugged into a backup battery/surge protector then the timer plugged into that. Been that way for over a year without issue


You are most like plugged into a 15 or 20 amp receptacle. If it’s 15 amp you want power strip with 14 awg cord. If it’s 20 amp receptacle you want power strip with 12 awg cord. As long as you have that your circuit to grow will have as big of conductor as the branch circuit you’re plugged into. Don’t load more than 80% and you should be golden.


Just go buy 2or 3 timers

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Thanks for answering. I don’t need more than one timer. The only thing I have to use the timer for is my grow light.

I was saying so ppl have one for timer and one for the fans/humidifier just saying