What is the most psychotropic strain?

I am growing amnesia haze now and it is very good. My question is can i find a more psychotropic strain? I have heard Hawaiin. Please let me know of available seeds to purchase, which you think is most psychotropic

Have you tried our gold leaf yet or super silver haze. Super silver haze would be a good choice

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thanks @Majiktoker I think l’ll try growing autos of each.

I’m growing some Crystal. It has the highest thc level of the strains offered on ILGM. I haven’t tried it yet but. You can find it in medical

Gold leaf we only have photoperiods same with the super silver haze

Laughing Buddha…that stuff is crazy! I smoke & drive, not gonna lie, but not with Laughing Buddha.

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Do they have seeds for that? I didn’t find it in the seed shop

(Laughing Buddha)

We have grown a couple harvests of SSH. It’s all then converted into cocobutter. And definitely packs a kick.

Since you’re asking about which strains promote the highest alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior. Not which ones make you hallucinate :no_mouth:

You should be getting this desired effect if you: (1) select any of the strains which are equal to or greater than 20% THC, (2) ensure those strains have a high THC:CBD ratio (lower CBD the better).

Just saying it can be indica, sativa or hybrid. Strains from all three are going to get you there if you follow the above conditions. The more balanced the THC:CBD ratio the more of a body high it becomes. Or at least that’s what we notice.

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Try Bruce Banner, it has 32% THC, seeds are available from ILGM.

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Ill let ya know doing mix chem lsd and green crack chem dawg soon to tell

I smoke a lot of ilgms bruce banner. Everyday for the past few months. Its strong but no couch lock. I use it for mood elevation, to improve my focus in league and tournament billards play and to simply increase my joy of life.

But its not a psychedelic or hallucination impact on me. If that’swhat your looking for.

Ps my next grow after the 4 strains I’ve got going now is white crack. Looking forward